Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freestyle Fam Review of 'Undisputed: Revenge of the Fallen Tracks - EP'

Freestyle Fam, Freestyle Fam, Freestyle Fam...where do I begin.

Freestlye Fam is made up of one part nasty sound of the streets emcee (Quest the Wordsmith) and one part metaphor slinging rapid fire lyricist (Redeemed).

This duo is deadly on the microphone and I challenge any emcee to step up their rhyme game and hop in the cypher with these guys.

I'm privileged to call these guys my friends, and even more privileged to introduce you to their sphere of influence God inspired message in their music.

Undisputed: Revenge of the Fallen Tracks was dropped on August 18th of this year and showcases five superbly written and performed tracks.

The first track "Undisputed" kicks in heavy with the drums as Quest lays down a slick verse attacking the rap game and representing what he's about and what Freestyle Fam is about over the chorus. Then Redeemed kicks in with an intense verse focusing on his crew's skill for taking down the average rapper and challenging everyone else to step up.

"Where Do We Go" brings down the tempo and gets serious as Quest talks about negative opinions towards his music and his craft and how he is sick of judgment coming from people who's thoughts don't matter. In his world the only person who matters is God. Redeemed touches on the monotony of what rappers on the radio spit and how it's manufactured and fake. He urges them to try and walk in his shoes.
"License to Rhyme" opens with the chorus whispered and a dope sample. For the first and only time we see Redeemed open up a rhyme. After his verse the chorus comes back stronger with female vocals singing on what is real hip-hop. Quest then flows in smoothly and drops knowledge per usual with an impeccable flow. The track is a good little mid interlude for the album.

The next track is the softest of the bunch with the beautiful piano and hummed vocal layers throughout.  "Sad Memories" aims to hit the heart as Quest goes through the motions of a person trying to find himself in the grand scheme of life. Redeemed questions his inspiration in music as he struggles to deal with saving souls and his gift of rap as a tool to minister his message of forgiveness, love, and salvation while others supposedly doing the same fail.

The last song on the EP, brings the noise back and this time with a special guest, Rkitect. "Savages" lives up to its namesake and delivers the most brutal of punchlines and metaphors as the main purpose of the song is to just swag out and make the listeners pay attention. "I'm a rhymin' man/I write with an iron hand/With a diaphragm hot enough to melt Iron Man in a frying pan." Yeah...about that. Everyone on this track brings it and takes this song to another level.

Overall Freestyle Fam released a solid EP. This is their third release and second EP, but for me it also marks progress. The Fam added a little bit of full song structure and full beats into their repertoire. Their first mixtape,  Lyrical Onslaught, was just that, killer rhymes and words but at times lacking a solid overall song/single. They are there. Keep it coming!

Get the album here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/freestyle-fam/id502698650


Remember to keep checking the site for their First&15 series of songs!

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