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Rap Group Analog Dive

Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay but lots of good things have been happening in my world lately. I promise to update more frequently. This feature will be the second group I cover from L.A., so keep spreading the word.

Analog Dive

Analog Dive (Left to Right)
EddieSeven, Kelii, CrazyEight

Analog Dive is a three piece rap group consisting of:
CrazyEight- Rapper
Kelii- Beat Producer
EddieSeven- Live DJ and Back Up Vocals

Originally formed in Hawaii, rapper CrazyEight moved to L.A. to pursue his aspirations of spreading his music nationally. DJ Kelii and CrazyEight's relationship is now through the Internet, whenever Kelii sends over a beat.

CrazyEight started rapping with some friends in the 6th grade when he realized the passion he had for it. He started listening to Eminem, Redman, and DMX. The sparks of an emcee's intellect was starting to form. After battle rapping and securing a local fan base, it was out to L.A. Now instead of emulating rappers, he gets to be one. Since moving to L.A. CrazyEight draws inspiration from life and the culture change between Hawaii and California. "Taking the bus, the different attitudes in people, traffic, the homeless people, and the list goes on and on."

Analog Dive doesn't have an elaborate story as to where the name came from. It really was just a last minute fix,

"We actually had another name, and right when we were about to put out our debut album we found out someone else had the name... Honestly the name just sounds catchy. Analog is pretty much the beginning of most technology, it was fresh, raw, and straight forward. We want the listeners to dive into our sound, the beginning, something fresh."

So where does the name CrazyEight from? It actually comes from the opening line of all his old rap battles, "Yo my name is CrazyEight, Crazy for the way I spit eight for the 808, born in Hilo 1988, that ain't too late." (808 is the area code for Hawaii).

CrazyEight describes the hip-hop scene on the "Big Island" as "pretty much dry." However on the island of Oahu it's a lot bigger. He credits the success of his rapper friend "Creed Chameleon" and the growing popularity of hip-hop through a company called "Flip the Bird" (ran by Tasho Pierce). Although Analog Dive had a growing fan base, it would not be near the numbers possible in L.A.

Analog Dive has played to around 150-200 people on two separate occasions. The first time was at "the Dragon Fly" when they embarked on a Cali tour with Creed Chameleon. The 2nd was at their album release party at "Daydream Republic". Expect tons of energy and a good time with crowd interaction at a Analog Dive show. If you get the crowd behind you, then it doesn't really matter what happens on stage.

Analog Dive has worked with the likes of Mac Lethal of Rhymesayers/Black Clover Records. Mac is one of the best mid-west emcees out there. While not huge in the mainstream world, Mac has a large underground following and it's certainly an accomplishment to have worked with him. For the next album coming out August 2011, Analog Dive will collaborate with Abstract Rude, Nocando, and Creed Chameleon. They've also opened up for: Aceyalone, Riffle Man, Dumbfoundead, Sunspot Jonz, Percee P, and countless other independent rappers.

Hip-Hop is an ever changing genre of music with it being reinvented time after time. CrazyEight seems to feel the same way,

"I really don't know where hip-hop is going. I mean I know it's culture and I'm down with the Graffe Heads, the B-Boys, the emcee's, and the DJ's but I'm not too picky about where or how hip-hop should be. Although it does irritate me when people make rap just to become rock stars and make millions, as opposed to doing your best to make the most amazing piece of art that you can possibly conjure up. It seems to be very universal at this point with so many different styles of rappers out there. I'm pretty easy going with it and I'd like to continue to see original and creative work being put out there."

You can purchase Analog Dive's first album "Fineprint" off of iTunes or accesshiphop.com, featuring many local artists and Mac Lethal.

Free ep- www.Analogdive.bandcamp.com

Also check out "RisingSons Independent" which will be releasing "Hi Times" by Southern Cumiford

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Older Advance Article on Broken Records Magazine

July 21 2010

On the Record With- Broken Records Magazine, founder Scott Vollweiler
Scott Vollweiler, fouder of Broken Records.

Four years ago, Scott Vollweiler decided to dream big.
The 26-year-old, a music teacher at Richmond Town’s Rustic Music Center for four years and the St. Mary’s School in Rosebank for a year and half, wanted to expand the borders of his music career. Vollweiler graduated from the College of Staten Island with a BA in music in 2008, but wanted to do more than teach.

After playing in a number of bands since his teens, the Oakwood resident began to make small but steady connections in the music industry. With his growing knowledge of the business and passion for all things musical, Vollweiler started his own company, Broken Records, in June 2006.

Initially it was a traveling recording studio

"Studios on the Island are all way too over priced. I wanted to start a studio that you could be comfortable recording in and be able to afford it," said Vollweiler.

From there, Vollweiler and a former partner decided they would like to grow from a recording company into an online magazine as well. Soon, he was dealing with some of the biggest publicists in the entire United States — simply because he made a few phone calls and e-mails.

"I used to lie and say I was with a magazine just to get a press pass for photography," Vollweiler said. "I learned who to talk to."

After building up a resume and stacking up stories, BrokenRecordsOnline.com launched in the spring of 2009, with then up and coming band Dragonforce featured on the cover.

"We’ve interviewed some of the newest bands, and then watched them blow up...like Pop Evil, Saving Abel and Dragonforce," said Vollweiler.

Vollweiler is the mag’s jack of all trades: Editor-in-chief, graphic layout designer, photographer, and press release junkie. He also works with his staff of freelance writers and photographers to make the publication come together. The end result is printed in house (literally, in his house), and can be purchased at BrokenRecordsOnline.com.

"I just want to make the best magazine possible," he says. "While Rolling Stone has big features with a lot of ads, I want a lot of features with fewer ads."

Some of the artists featured — to name a few, so far in Broken Records Magazine: Adam Lambert, David Cook, U2, the All American Rejects, Aerosmith, Staind, 3 Doors Down, and the late Les Paul, with the latter being his most memorable.

Vollweiler with group Staind.

"He was the father of the modern guitar, and created a new way to record," Vollweiler says. "Just listening to him tell me the story of how he created the electric guitar was the greatest moment of my life."

Paul died a few months after the interview, making it one of his last.

In addition to household names, Broken Records also has a place for Staten Island bands such as Dead Men Dreaming, Riot Control and Process of Fusion.

"I’ve pretty much accomplished everything I want to do," he said. "Although it would be nice to be popular in my hometown."

Older Article for the Advance- A Trio of Bands Get a Shot at Winning Big

June 28 2010


Staten Island is anything but close to a raging music capital in New York City. However, just because you haven't heard of any of the music, doesn't mean it's not there. Here are three local bands trying to take the next step and further themselves as musicians. Each one of these is involved in a different Battle of the Bands, and is trying to put Staten Island on the map as a serious contender for good music.

Not From Concentrate (Ska/Punk) — GorillaMusic.com Battle of the Bands online talent search.
Not From Concentrate is: James Feltcher, Alan Aurelia, Mike James, Joseph Giunto, Margaret Hampton, Jenna Calderon
Local Staten Island band, Not From Concentrate, is serving up a healthy dose of ska to any open ears willing to give a listen. So now that they provide the music, what can we do for them? NFC is asking for our help and support as a Staten Island community. In a steadily changing music industry and with the reign of top 40 stations, Not From Concentrate is asking you to vote for them.

After a booking gig, a promoter prompted NFC to enter a Battle of the Bands competition for Gorillamusic.com. The voting is done in monthly rounds, with the deadline being at the end of the month. "Every 1st and 2nd place Battle of the Bands Finals winner will qualify for our website talent search. Online voting will determine the 10 ten bands, out of 200 1st and 2nd place battle winners. Each month, the top ten voted bands will move on to the online FINALS..." - Gorillamusic.com

Not From Concentrate consists of six College of Staten Island music majors:
Margaret Hampton- Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jenna Calderon- Guitar/Vocals
Alan Aurelia- Bass
Joseph Giunto- Drums
Miles James- Trombone
James Fletcher- Saxophone.
Each one of these members has their own personal styles and musical influences to play ranging from punk, country, and soul. It is with this clash of sounds that NFC gets its truly unique music.

When asked, why should Not From Concentrate be voted for, Alan Aurelia, bass, said it best, "One of the main motivating factors for being in this band is that we want to blend what we know as music majors and apply it to rock music. Most of the music heard on the radio consists of just a singer with chords being played underneath them. Not From Concentrate adds counterpoint, chromaticism, as well as other musical techniques. On top of this, each member has different musical backgrounds, but we manage to use these differing interests to produce a truly unique sound, with each song sounding different from the previous song in a set. We ask people to vote for us because we know many people dont like what's on the radio. Many high school and college students listen to Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Offspring and other classic rock and 90s bands."

Not From Concentrate would very much like to see this type of music make a comeback. The future of Not From Concentrate is to continue this mission and play for people who love live music. "If we win this contest we move on to a final voting round with the top 10 bands being interviewed for a $25,000 record deal and a US tour. Only two bands are chosen so we are working extremely hard to promote the online voting. As we continue as a band, we hope the venues and audiences will continue to get bigger and bigger."- NFC

Not From Concentrate has played at events and venues all over the NYC area such as the JCC's Rockfest, the Cup, CSI's Battle of the Bands, to name a few. They have been featured on multiple podcasts and have received airtime on WSIA 88.9. They are currently working on a full length album, but have previously released The Anything Goes EP. You can check out Not From Concentrates music at http://www.myspace.com/notfromconcentratesskaband, or follow them on Twitter at Twitter.com/nfcska. Be sure to VOTE for NFC at http://www.gorillamusic.com/25000-record-deal-contest-voting/.

Junkyard Luxury (Rock/Grunge/Folk) — JerseyShows.com Battle of the Bands, Starland Ballroom show and recording contract.
AWE Junkyard Luxury.jpg
Junkyard Luxury is: Daniel Santapaga, James Queally, Miguel Commissiong, Rob Pillans

"We are four dudes who like loud guitars, catchy hooks, and somewhat clever lyrics…" – Junkyard Luxury

Next time you're out at your favorite bar, be sure to listen to the live band, because chances are, Junkyard Luxury is playing that night.

This grunge infused blues band, describes their music as a bar fly sound playing to a bar fly crowd. In other words, its music to drink to. Influences include the gritty almost southern rock style of the Clutch, with the softer sides comparing to the mellowness of the Smithereens. Vocally however, you can definitely hear the grunge influence of the Stone Temple Pilots.

Junkyard Luxury doesn't have an elaborate story about where or how the name came to be, but what matters is that it consists of four Staten Islanders with different goals who are striving for the same thing. Starting with the vocals, James Queally, also self proclaimed lyricist and promotions guy, is a Newark cop reporter for the Star Ledger. Guitarist, Miguel Commissiong, works part time at Staples, and attends the College of Staten Island in pursuit of a degree in Music Education. Rob Pillans, the bassist, is a part-time employee of Roadrunner Records and is an aspiring writer. Lastly, Daniel Santapega is behind the drums laying down the beats as a full time musician.

Junkyard Luxury became involved with JerseyShows.com Battle of the Bands after looking for gigs in Jersey. They played a show at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick (N.J.) and joined the battle after urging from a promoter.

"This battle is actually cool because it's not the pay-to-play madness that ruins a lot of the NYC contests [that Ive played before]" singer Queally said. Selling tickets is only about 25% of your score with judges accounting for the rest of it. There were 200 bands at the start of the competition playing at various venues around the tri-state area. The top bands move on from each round, and Junkyard Luxury won both the rounds they were in.

As the competition gets tighter, the 200 bands are widdled down to 39, with 5 of them being from the Island. Along with Junkyard Luxury, fellow rockers in bands: Sanitarius, Beyond All Reason, Unleash the Beast, and Forgetting Midnight have qualified.

The remaining top 4 or 5 bands will play semi-final shows July 23-25 at Starland Ballroom, with one final show also there on August 28. The top 2 bands at the finals will be signed for a 1 year deal at New Jersey based indie label, Danimal Records.
So why should you buy tickets and cheer on Junkyard Luxury? Perhaps singer James Queally says it best, "Umm people should obviously support us because we are the raddest (expletive) dudes alive… no seriously, it shouldn't be about supporting us, it should be about backing Staten Island bands off the Island, us and the four other bands in this contest [from Staten Island]." Queally goes on to explain for a band that has only been together for about a year, Junkyard Luxury sure has found a way to establish themselves in the Staten Island music scene. Competing against hundreds of bands to get a once in a life time recording gig, and a chance to play at Starland Ballroom is no small task regardless if you're a Staten Island band or not.
Opportunities like this dont usually come knocking more than once, and can really make or break a bands career. He says, "…Everyone's delighted to see their friends play at the Cup or Dockstreet or Killmeyers or wherever, but when a band goes out to Manhattan or New Jersey people get all xenophobic and stay at home."

"The band hasn't really set any goals, but I'd venture to say its the same pipe dream as everyone else- get some momentum, get some touring dates, get some attention, and ride the wave until it crashes." said Queally.

Junkyard Luxury just finished recording "Dead on Revival" a 5 track EP, out of Soundwaves Academy in Union, New Jersey. The album was produced by Kevin Bryan and Tommy Stratton from the band, Socratic.

Be sure to give Junkyard Luxury a listen at Myspace.com/junkyardluxury or look up their fan page on Facebook for details about the show and other upcoming events.

Carnival of Souls (Hard Rock/ Metal) — Guitar Center competition to open for KISS, and win $10,000.
AWE Souls.jpg
Carnival of Souls is: Gene Hunter, Lee cancela, Rob "the Machine" DeForge, Dee (Damien) Hunter

Carnival of Souls is more than just an upcoming Staten Island band. They are one of the premiere bands performing out of New York City, and now they have a chance to strengthen their choke hold of the local metal scene by storm.

Performing throughout various venues and packed bike rallies of up to 10,000 people all over the coasts and throughout the central United States, Carnival of Souls is a band too big for Staten Island.

Carnival of Souls was founded in the early 2000's by bassist, Gene Hunter and vocalist, Dee (Damien) Hunter. They then added guitarist Rob "the Machine" DeForge who they knew from other bands, and lead vocalist, Lee Cancela. Closing out the circuit on drums was Ron Hunter.

The chemistry from the start was immediate, and the five clicked on many levels. They promoted heavily, handing out demos and never failing to mention the band to anyone who would listen. COS went big from the start and began playing packed out shows in local theaters and clubs on the Island and around the tri-state area.
Pretty soon Carnival of Souls found themselves touring and opening up for such well known bands as: Twisted Sister, Queensryche, Motorhead, and Anthrax. Vocalist, Dee recalls her fondest memory being at a special jam show in California. At this event many different members of bands came together just to rock out. Carnival of Souls opened the show, and some of the more famous musicians watched them and complimented on how much they enjoyed the show.

And what's not to like about a Carnival of Souls show? In a band named after a cult classic horror movie, they are no strangers to having a flare for the dramatic. They have custom made and elaborate sets to go along with their songs. You get more than just a concert, you get an experience. "What do you like to see? We want the, wow what a show." said Dee. One look at COS's video for the song We All Fall Down and you can see the gothic and cryptic scenery that's inspired by the music. Now Carnival of Souls gets a chance to take their act up with another group of well known big show musicians, KISS.

Dee Hunter describes the whole experience of finding the KISS battle of the bands online as almost an accident. "I saw it on the Internet… I love KISS, so I entered it." she said half jokingly. From there on out however, all the other band members were on board, and the fan response was adamant.

It works like this. KISS is playing a nationwide tour with a different local band opening in every city. Qualifying bands get the city show based on how many votes they get. As of right now, Carnival of Souls is in first place by over 2000 votes and is set to play in Holmdel, New Jersey. In addition to the show, winning bands, get a meet and greet with KISS and get to take pictures. At the end of the tour, KISS then picks one band out of the 22 show winners, and gives them a $10,000 gift card for Guitar Center.

Carnival of Souls, win or lose, intends to continue to play and make music while doing small tours. They are also trying to have a CD released by September, and hopefully will have garnered enough hype from the KISS press to do well.

COS has a benefit show for SMART University (which is a support organization for women with HIV) coming up October 9..

Check out Carnival of Souls website for all up to date news at Carnivalofsoulsband.com or at Myspace.com/carnivalofsouls. Be sure to click DEMAND IT for Carnival of Souls at http://eventful.com/competions/kiss2010/holdel.