Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Greg Kallor's 'Broken Sentences' is a Work of Art Throughout the 5 Boroughs

Musician Gregg Kallor released a concept video for his song, "Broken Sentences," that sees him traveling throughout the Five Boroughs to play all 88 public pianos for the organization, Sing For Hope Pianos. Filming throughout the summer, Kallor, is seen at many notable places around the city including some great footage of him in Staten Island!

Kallor's piano playing is top notch and superb. He is able to make the music come alive with there being any words. The way expressing, feeling, and emotion comes reverberating off of the key strings is simply amazing.

Here's what he had to say about the video:

"'A Single Noon' is a musical tableau of life in New York City, and I thought it would be exciting to present a visual component that captures the buzzing, exuberant energy of the city. My first music video collaboration with cinematographer and director Alan McIntyre Smith was 'Espresso Nirvana' (think caffeinated hijinks), the sixth movement of the suite. Alan thought that the Sing For Hope Pianos program, which took place in June, would make for a stunning new music video to complement 'Broken Sentences' - the frenetic second movement - so we ran around the five boroughs chasing pianos," said Gregg Kallor.

He continued, "Creating a music video gives me a fantastic opportunity to make the music tell a story and, hopefully, to engage with people who might not yet have found their way to my music. The response to 'Broken Sentences' has been fantastic - it's gotten over 50,000 views in the first two months since its release! When we reach a million views, I'll make another video. Maybe two!"

Gregg will be performing as part of a specially assembled holiday "house band" at SubCulture's 1st Annual Holiday Concert Series betweenDecember 17th - 22nd. More info at the following link here:

He will then be performing on February 2nd at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn.  Information for that show can be found here:

Bella Muerte Release Shiny Toy Gun's Cover for 'You Are the One'

Bella Muerte released a music video for their cover of Shiny Toy Gun's song, "You Are the One."

watch the video below!

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