Friday, September 9, 2011

Music Videos and New Releases, Check Them Out!

Watch Process of Fusion's cd release show on their documentary

Read their album review on Ticket Shack here

Freestyle Fam Destroy a Lil Wayne & Drake beat, check it out!

Also, if you could be so kind and give a listen to my own remix of a Drake & J. Cole song "In the Morning." It's available for free download!

Check out this single by my boy Ali. He kills it on the production and verses.

Here's Four Nights Gone's, new single "Crash and Burn" available for free download on Bandcamp.

Covers Paramore's "Monster"

Lastly, this is just awesome

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Slew of Staten Island Shows will have Listeners Craving for More!

Event Details:
Date:  September 12, 2011
Venue:  Dock Street at 691 Bay Street
Cover:  $10
Doors:  7:00PM
7:15-7:45 - Siva
8:00-8:30 - Denim Burke
8:45-9:15 - Atlantic Avenue
9:30-10:00 - Like The Stars
10:15-10:45 - One Love
11:00-11:30 - Montclair Lights

Additional Band Info

Like The Stars
Band Info:
Like The Stars is an American alternative rock band from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The band consists of vocalist AJ Hoenings, lead guitarist Nick Kaelblein, rhythm guitarist Steve Kopf, and drummer Joey Trala. The band formed in 2008 and released their first EP, Don't Tell Secrets, I Won't Tell Lies, in 2009. The band toured on the EP for a short time before releasing two new songs and their debut full-length The Guidelines of Love & Lies
on November 27th, 2010.

The band has shared the stage with 3OH!3, Travie McCoy, Cobra Starship, New Found Glory, Sparks The Rescue, The Ataris, and The Dangerous Summer. They have played Bamboozle in 2009 and 2010, the Journeys Backyard BBQ in 2011, and the Vans Warped Tour in 2011. 

One Love
Band Info:
A native New Yorker, Adam Scott, professionally known as ONE LOVE, started his musical career at a young age. Not surprisingly coming from a music background as his grandfather played the trumpet with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

At age nine, Adam was on the road to becoming an accomplished drummer and by the age of 14 he was well sought after by local bands. At the age of 17, he picked up the guitar and was a natural. Never being interested in covering songs, the guitar became his personality to write and sing, and again he proved to be a natural. He has been on two tours with Big City Lights playing lead guitar and singing harmonies.

Adam met producer/engineer Jon Castelli, who immediately recognized Adam’s talents and gave him the opportunity to write and record what is now his first single release entitled “Get Up And Go.” Jon’s partner, producer Evan Scott Smith, came into the mix and One Love’s music came to fruition and as a result a six song EP was completed.

“ONE LOVE is not just a name or even an idea; ONE LOVE is a movement,” Adam states. “And not just for me and my band, but for everyone. I didn’t start ONE LOVE, the idea; I wanted to start ONE LOVE, the Movement.” 

On May 2011and released his debut EP April 19th. Clear Channel’s digital station, iheart radio, released the first single “Get Up And Go” on May 5th where it remained #1 for 8 weeks, #2 for 2 weeks and is currently on their Top Ten chard at #8.  Z100 has announced One Love as “New Artist To Watch.”
One Love’s 2nd single, “Melody,” will be released in late September.


Patent Pending tour is coming to Staten Island, NY
Patent Pending will be playing at Dock St. on Thursday, September 15th to kick off their Tourannosaurus Rex tour with Set It Off and four other amazing bands.

For those who don’t know, Patent Pending has opened up for some of the biggest names in music such as Cobra Starship, Bowling For Soup, and Gym Class Heroes. They also have played the Vans Warped Tour the past several years all around the east and west coast of the U.S. Patent Pending has also received heavy buzz on MTV by having the #1 video on for a week. Not to mention that they’ve been featured on MTV2 and MTVU.

The other bands that are playing this show are Head For Cover, Process of Fusion, Score 24, and Par 6. The show will be $12 admission. Everyone from Staten Island should completely disregard whatever they have that day and support one of the best shows of the year. 

Event Details:
Date:  September 15, 2011
Venue:  Dock Street
Address: 691 Bay St., Staten Island, NY 10304
Cover:  $12
Doors:  6:00PM
6:30-7:00 - Par 6
7:15-7:45 - Head For Cover
8:00-8:30 - Process Of Fusion
8:45-9:15 - Score 24
9:30-10:00 - Set It Off
10:15-11:15 - Patent Pending

Facebook Event:!/event.php?eid=211638658892128

“Like” Patent Pending:

“Like” Set It Off:

“Like” Score 24:

“Like” Process Of Fusion

“Like” Head For Cover

“Like” Par 6

Additional Band Info

Patent Pending
Band Info:
Patent Pending is an American pop punk band consisting of vocalist Joe Ragosta, drummer Anthony Mingoia, guitarist Marc Kantor, guitarist Joshua Dicker, guitarst/vocalist Rob Felicetti, and bassist Travis McGee. They are from Mount Sinai, New York. They released their debut album Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine in 2006 with original vocalist Michael Ragosta and bassist Drew Buffardi (with Joe Ragosta on guitar at the time) and 2008's Attack of the Awesome with Jay Beiner on bass guitar and Joe and Michael switching on lead vocals.

The band has released five music videos; "This Can't Happen Again" off of Save Each Other..., "She's a Ho Ho Ho", a holiday single, "Drop Dead" off of Attack of the Awesome, and "One Less Heart to Break" (which reached the #1 highest ranked, most viewed, and buzzworthy music video on and "Dance Til We Die" off of 2010's I'm Not Alone.

Score 24
Band Info:  
Score 24 is a hard-working, promotion driven pop-punk/pop band. Coming from Long Island, NY; the home of many greats such as Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Movielife, Glassjaw and countless others, Score 24 has accomplished so many great things since their real beginning in April 2009. The band, starting out as nothing more then a group of friends covering songs by their favorite bands in 2008; now have become the favorites of many young boys and girls nationwide. When the band solidified a successful line up in April of 2009, the band got up and out right away and began touring the country, which their tour history has now accumulated over 30 states in the US, and consistent touring throughout the year.

Throughout this two-year span, the band has had some truly memorable accomplishments that have helped the band to establish who they are today. Score 24 has opened up for bands/acts such as Allstar Weekend, Honor Society, Stereo Skyline, Bayside, Andrew WK, The Ataris, Push Play, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Jon & many more. Score 24 was also a part of the 2010 Bamboozle Festival, in which they played alongside Ke$ha, Drake, Weezer, Paramore & tons of others. Score 24 was also a part of the 2009 Van's Warped Tour, hand-picked to play the Kevin Says Stage in their hometown. The band has a rapid, ever-growing fanbase throughout the country, and it will only continue to grow at the same pace.

Par 6
Band Info:
Par 6 is a pop punk band from Schenectady, NY. Their sound can be compared to the likes of New Found Glory, Sum 41, Simple Plan, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy all rolled into one high energy package. Having weathered tons of ups and downs and member changes over the past two years, Par 6 now has a solid lineup, and just released their debut EP Don't Worry About It. Following this release, Par 6 plans to start touring all over the Northeast and beyond. 
Par 6 has shared the stage with Mayday Parade, Sparks The Rescue, Sing It Loud, Stephen Jerzak, Secret Secret Dino Club, and other popular national acts. Keep an eye out to see if Par 6 will be coming to your area in 2011. You won't want to miss it!

Event Details:
Date:  October 14, 2011
Venue:  Dock Street at 691 Bay Street
Cover:  $10
Doors:  7:00PM
7:15-7:45 - Reckless Approach
8:00-8:30 - Falling With Style
8:45-9:15 - Departures
9:30-10:00 - The Body Electric
10:15-10:45 - Of Lion & Skies
11:00-11:30 - A Vegas Marriage

The Body Electric
Band Info:
Rock & Roll that sometimes sounds like Punk and Indie Rock. For Fans of Alkaline Trio, The Cure, Bayside, Coldplay, The Kinks, Bad Religion, The Beatles, Foo Fighters. 

Debut EP Positive Charge sold over 6,500 copies since June 2011.  Performed for 28 dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2011. Alternative Press featured E-blast artist in June 2011. Leading an "anti record label" Free Music Campaign.

Event Details:
Date:  October 30, 2011
Venue:  Dock Street at 691 Bay Street
Cover:  $10
Doors:  7:00PM
Don’t Panic
Gasoline Heart
3 More TBA

Don’t Panic
Band Info:
“At the end of the day all I know is that I want to play rock and roll” professes Don’t Panic front man Ted Felicetti. After almost a decade of touring, recording and releasing albums with previous bands, Ted has taken the role of front man joined by former band mate, long time friend and bassist Keith Slader, guitarist Rob Felicetti, and drummer Zhach Kelsh.

Ted says of the music “I wanted to... do something I have never done before. A straight forward rock and roll band uncompromised with the concerns of being commercially viable with a focus on just making great music.”

Don’t Panic draws heavily from influences ranging from Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and the Toadies while staying true to classic rock roots such as Tom Petty and the Eagles. The bands debut EP My Fair-weather Friend was released via Masquerade/Warner in Jan 2010 with two follow up singles entitled Why the Fifties Were Better... in October 2010. The releases were followed by a heavy touring schedule supporting bands such as The Ataris, TRUST Company and Gasoline Heart. The band is currently in the studio recording their yet untitled second EP with a release set for the late summer of 2011.

Toured with The Ataris, TRUST Company, Patent Pending, Gasoline Heart and more. They have performed several years on the Vans Warped Tour, released an EP on Masquerade/Warner Bros and have toured the East coast several times.  Don't Panic has had some college radio play and an appearance on a CBS morning show.
Gasoline Heart

Band Info:  
From Brooklyn, NY and headed by Louis DeFabrizio.

They've toured with MxPx, The Ataris, Mewithoutyou and more.  Also performed several times on Cornerstone festival. Released three records on Pisfor Panda records. The bands first album was produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana / The Pixies). Has had several songs featured on "The Jersey Shore" television show as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hawthorne Heights Interview with Eron Bucciarelli (drummer)

I had the privilege to have a chat with Hawthorne Heights drummer, Eron Bucciarelli about all things HH. The interview was especially cool because I was a huge fan a number of years back when The Silence in Black and White dropped.

Listening to Hawthorne Heights instantly engaged the music lover in me with stylistic musical prowess that many bands at that time were missing. Whether it was the soul diving lyrics to songs like "Nikki FM" or "Silver bullet" or the almost heat seeking grittiness of three guitars blaring at once, HH always was an experience.

Sadly enough, through the years they were a band that I let slip under the radar, and ironically enough before getting this interview I had listened to their first album. Now that I've been caught up, I am able to dig deeper and ask questions. Deciding not to ask why "Ohio is for Lovers," I'll leave it up to interpretation and ask something relevant to them now. Enjoy! 

Why go for this three ep concept and instead of releasing a full length?
We have several reasons behind this. Full lengths are a dead format in our opinion. People demand new music so much more rapidly than ever before that it just doesn't make sense to spend a ton of money recording and promoting something that will be old news three months after it's released. Fewer tracks mean that people focus more on each song we release and hopefully leads to them wanting more. From a creative standpoint, we can change things up a lot faster if we want to. 

The first release is Hate, any clues to what the next two will be, and are they all related?
They will all be related thematically. We're not giving away any further details on the two just yet.

Hate seems to have a different feel to it than your other albums. What was the mindset in making it, and what are your fans early reactions to it?
The mindset with Hate was for the music and emotion to match the behind the scenes dialog that we've had only privately over the last few years. Our conversations were much more angry and frustrated than our third and fourth album let on. We were tired of putting on a happy face.  Sometimes, its best to get everything off your chest. So far the reactions have been polarizing. I think fans of our first two albums are extremely excited about the release, while fans of our third and fourth album have been put off. Ironically, our first album had this same polarizing affect on people, so perhaps this response is good since that was a our best selling album.

HH has covered a wide range of the musical spectrum- emo, screamo, alt, electronic, pop- do you all set out to explore different style, or does it happen naturally?
We have a wide array of influences and we don't want everything we release to sound the same. As artists, we like to evolve and explore new ways of expression.

Beginning with the highly successful, The Silence in Black and White and fast forwarding to the present, how has the band changed and grown, and what separates "that band from Ohio" to your band identity today?
We caught a wave at the beginning of our career. We released our fist album and it happened to be what a lot of people wanted to hear at that given moment in time. We've grown from the hot "it" band of the moment into a band that is, at least in our opinion, more than a one-hit wonder to a lot of people. We've developed an almost cult-like following and that's something which has certainly changed/progressed since we started.

While on the subject of breakout first albums, do you guys try to separate yourselves from it to focus on what you're doing today, or do you embrace past success and mix it up?
We absolutely embrace our past success and mix it up. When people come to see us, they want to enjoy themselves and be entertained. It's our job as performers to entertain, which means playing some fan favorites every night, but that said we throw in new material to set as well because we want people to realize that we're growing. 

Victory Records, Wind Up, and now Cardboard Empire- did having label problems in the past prompt the band to be their "own boss" so to speak?
It has less to do with our past two label situations and more about the state of the music industry as a whole right now. In our opinion, most of the industry is stuck using the same antiquated business model that they used back in the 1950's. Formats have changed, but the focus of most labels is still selling music. Label's idea of evolution is trimming back their staff year after year according to their dwindling bottom-lines rather than really trying to re-tool and god-forbid...innovate. The idea of the 360 model which labels have been throwing around over the last few years is complete bulls**t. As an artist and a business, it doesn't make sense to sign away a percentage of each revenue stream we receive without there being a justifiable reason to do so. For example, if a label isn't going to promote our merchandising, but take a percentage of that revenue, it's unjustified. The business model of most labels is that by promoting a music release (the one revenue stream which has diminished in sales year over year), all of the other revenue streams will just naturally increase.  

Where do you hope to take the label, and will it be something something that grows with other artists, or is it just a HH project right now?
At the moment, we're just releasing HH music. We want to make sure we get the kinks out before we start messing with other people's lives.

Why the name Cardboard Empire, and do you feel that mainstream label support is losing it's luster, and independent is the way to go?
The name is a play on the overall stability of the "music business." As I discussed, until labels change their model of operations and if you have the contacts and know how, independent is absolutely the way to go.

What bands are set to be your touring mates, and is their a goal or theme of the tour?
We have local bands opening for us on each stop. The music scene which we came up in is dying off left and right. It's being forced out by big time promoters and ticketing agencies.  There are a lot of great bands out there, so if we can play a show and someone comes to see us, hopefully they'll be exposed to good local talent, which they'll then support and ultimately rejuvenate these smaller music scenes. 

Anything else to add?
Please check out our EP, Hate. It's available on iTunes, Amazon and just about every other digital distributor. If you would like a physical copy of the EP, please order it from our website or pick one up at a show. If you already have it, THANK YOU!  Please help us get the word out about it! Without your support, we would cease to exist!