Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Link Drop - Uproar Fest, Fairday Skyline, JD, and More

Check out their new single, "Maynard Fights Fan," off of their upcoming EP, My Empire.

JD is a young aspiring singer/rapper who is working on his first mixtape. Watch his mini documentary below.

Ess Eye is the newest rapper added to the Broken Records Collective, and to show off some of his skills he dropped a new song for Stash Wednesday.

Watch Stash Wednesday's week one video below:

Listen to Ess Eye's mixtape here

Here are some of the videos and interviews we took from behind the scenes at Uproar Festival at PNC.

To view all the photography from the day, Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Adelita's Way, P.O.D., and more, GO TO http://www.facebook.com/BrokenRecordsMagazine


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interview with Matt Baird of Spoken

Who are you, what do you do, and how important is music to your life? 
My name is Matt Baird. I sing for the band Spoken. Music is extremely important to my life. I feel that God gave me a small amount of musical ability, and I've dedicated my life to serving Him with music.

How has Spoken changed as a band from the mid 90s until now, and was the growth inspired by YOU as a band, or the ever changing music scene?
We listen to all kinds of music, we've had several band members over the years, and our tastes in music have changed. We feel like we are in a place musically that shows all sorts of influences. We play music we'd like to listen to.

Many fans don't know about Spoken's rap/rock roots. Do you guys still perform any of those songs from the first two albums?
(Haha) We haven't played those songs in several years, but we loved playing them at that time. It was current, and we enjoyed that time of our career.

Matt Baird
Did you consider yourself a rapper, or just a versatile vocalist who rapped? Do you still have some rap bars left in the tank?
Oh no, I never claimed to be a rapper, and didn't desire to be. I just happened to really like bands like Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D., Downset, and 311. It just came across in our music. And there's absolutely no rap left in the tank...

Many online places say once signing to Tooth & Nail you guys hit your stride with 'A Moment of Imperfect Clarity.' In my opinion I think your biggest progression as artists was 'Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell.' How do you feel about this album and am I on the right track, especially since you re-released it?
I'd agree with both opinions. "Echoes" was a pivotal point in our career. It was an album of prayers put to music. Tooth & Nail was a great chapter for Spoken. We entered the studio basically a new band. Jef (guitar) and I were the only original members at that point. The new guys (Aaron, Brandon, and Ryan) were  a HUGE part of the writing process. It was all around a great process. As far as re-releasing "Echoes"... it wasn't available on itunes, so we decided to have a label called Alien Patrol release it digitally. I've known the guys over there for 15 years or so. It was a good way to promote the label, and to get the record on itunes.

Spoken's last two releases were pretty different from each other, was this intentional or the way the music flowed?
All of our records have been written based on our place in life, whatever we were feeling at the time, whatever we may have been dealing with. We've always wanted to be stretched musically. Nothing was intentional on those records as far as "let's make this record different."

After prolonged breaks from making music like you guys are currently on, was it tough to get back in the studio, and what can we expect from the new album?
We've always been a band that tours nonstop, and we live in three different states. Writing music is sometimes difficult with that equation. There's been a little time between records, but we've never slowed down as far as being a band. You can expect better songwriting on the new record. We approached this record differently than we have the other records. We did the new record with Jasen Rauch, (Brian HEAD Welch, Disciple, The Wedding, RED, The Letter Black). Jasen basically became a band member (not an actual member) throughout the two years of writing and recording this record. It was a perfect fit for the band that we are now.

On some of your earlier music, I almost consider your music to hardcore worship. Where do you draw your inspiration for your lyrics and how much is God's hand in your lyrics?
In Spoken, inspiration comes from anything and everything. There are songs on the new record about God, confusion, bitterness, love, performing live, Evil, etc. God is a part of our lives, so He will come through no matter what. There are times when all of us wish Jesus would walk in the room, put his hand on our shoulder, and say "It's going to be ok." There's a song on the record about exactly that.  There's a song on the record that is written about the tornado that hit Joplin MO last year.

What would you tell someone who won't give Christian themed music a chance because of the "label" and do you find it difficult to be original and yet Christ centered at the same time? 
If music is good, it's good. If a band is terrible live, writes terrible songs, sings about terrible things, and act terrible....I'd say don't listen to that band.

What is in the immediate future for Spoken, and is their anything the fans should brace themselves for?
The new record is done, we have tours lined up, and there are several things that will be announced soon. We'll see you on the road.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thanks for caring about Spoken - Matt Baird.

Current Lineup  
Matt Baird - vocals 
Oliver Crumpton - Drums
Ryan Pei - bass 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview with Singer/Rapper JD

Who are you and what do you do?
I'm JD and I'm a musician.

What is your style of music, and what do you do differently than everyone else?
My style of music is Pop/R&B with a little bit if rap/hip-hop for perfection (haha). What I do differently is mix different genres and blends of music that don't necessarily go together.

Do you feel your young age is an advantage or disadvantage?
I feel like my age is an advantage to my career because I can relate to what other teens are feeling in everyday life, so I can include those experiences in my music.

Who do you strive to be like?
I strive to be like ME, (laughs) but seriously, if I had to choose someone I'd like to be like musically and    especially lyrically, it would be either D-Pryde or Michael Jackson.

What are your biggest influences in creating music?
My biggest influences when creating music, are usually normal everyday experiences & beliefs. Other artists that influence my music include D-Pryde, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

How do you feel about today's current state of music?
Today's current state of music is actually pretty great at the moment! Mainstream music a few years ago was getting a bit dry in my opinion, everybody was preaching about the same topics and the music was lacking art, and passion. Since 2009, music has been breaking new barriers with a entire lineup of new artists, and classic artists making comebacks for themselves.

What are you trying to accomplish over the next few years?
For the next few years, I'm actually going to work on finishing up my academic education...while still balancing my music career as a full time job.

If you could work with any producer, artist, musician, etc- who would it be?
If I could work with any producer, it would definitely have to be Quincy Jones! I admire Quincy for ALL of the work he's done on every Michael Jackson record up to date.

Does your music have a message and if it does, what do you want it to tell people?
I like to think that my music has a clear message...Peace, Love, and Happiness. I want people to experience different emotions worth a lifetime when listening to my music.

What's the best piece of advice you've gotten about music?
The best advice I've gotten about music is "Give the people what they want, but stay true to yourself." This means to release music that will be appealing to the public and your fans, while still writing music that means something to you, the artist.

Anything else to add?
I'd like to thank "Broken Records Collective" for the amazing opportunity they've given me! Also, everyone should stay tuned for my upcoming debut mixtape! You can find more information by following me on Twitter @TheRealJD_Music or by "LIKING' my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheRealJD98

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Backslashes and Bad Ideas Album Review for 'Nothing Left to Give'

Backslashes and Bad Ideas are a pop-punk/post-hardcore band in vein of You're Favorite Weapon Brand New and Tell All Your Friends Taking Back Sunday with a dash of Fall Out Boy and Moving Mountains.

*At various points in time, and sometimes even all at once, they have extraordinary beards of lumberjackian (word?) proportions. 

The band, made up of musicians from different prominent or at once prominent Staten Island bands, found themselves a home together where they can showcase their assorted backgrounds.

The members:
Nick DePalo - vocals/guitar (formerly of Cobalt Sky and numerous side projects)
Josh Cronopulos - Guitar/background vocals (formerly It's Not Over)
Ed Mone - Drums (also bassist in When All Else Fails)
Nick Colella - Bass (also bassist in Heroes)

Now for the nitty gritty...the review.

These guys do a fantastic job of playing their style of music. It's easy to tell who they are inspired by (see above), and they do each one of those bands justice. DePalo's songwriting ability combined with his emotionally driven, distinct and clearly determined voice add a lot of power and passion to these songs. You can almost feel what was going on in his head as the songs play out like short narratives.

The first track, "London," is a Nick DePalo special and a former Cobalt Sky favorite. However, the 2012 updated version sounds much better than any previous recording, and Josh's background vocals add another layer to the song that makes it just right. Probably the most single worthy track of the EP because of its catchy chorus and uptempo pace. The song deals with love leaving, and learning to ultimately let them go.

"Thoughts Became Things," has a slower pace and that narrative feel previously talked about. "You say words can only complicate/I tried harder than you ever could," are repeated at different times during the song and prove to make this an anthem for young adults. While the lyrics are not particularly telling of what the song is about, the vagueness opens the listener up for a number of interpretations and scenarios. There is a lot happening in this song and the best part is it's up to you to find your own meaning. Within the context of the album however, it shows the struggle of lovers trying to work themselves out of the same old pattern of their relationship. Also, the chorus sounds chillingly spot on like Brand New.

The next track, "Nothing Left to Give," is a nice little divider of the album, and invokes its own little emotion in 55 seconds.

"What Would Craig Robinson Do?" doesn't answer this question or tell you of the hilarious things he does in movies, but rather pushes some of the things discussed in the previous song. "Trying harder" and "complicating things" now flips the script as far as who does what, "I tried harder than you ever knew" now becomes, "You try too much." It appears the protagonist is desperately trying to rectify his relationship, "Don't underestimate me." "Nothing Left to Give" is now a perfect space between how the vocalist was feeling and how he is feeling now. Nice transition whether intentional or not.

Rounding out the EP is "Phoenix with an F." The more "ballad" like song for Backslashes has the most going on lyrically and ends the album in a big way. It puts a cap on the unraveling tale of the relationship that developed in the four previous tracks.

New themes are introduced: forgiveness, responsibility, failure, honesty, and mistakes. This "character" seems to open his heart to allow their lover back in as a last ditch effort to salvage what is left, but at the same time agreeing that maybe leaving (to London perhaps?) might be the best thing for both. "And I can't make an honest girl of you/If you're out there living my dreams/And I can't take you on that stage with me /So I won't blame you if at any point you decide/It might be best to leave."

Great ending, and honestly wish there was more. A solid first effort for Backslashes and Bad Ideas who showcased a well recorded project with tight driven drums, catchy guitar riffs and hooks, and tempo throbbing bass. Maybe the review went too deep, maybe it's spot on, maybe everything is dead wrong. Listen for yourself and figure it out, and get a free download before they are gone.


Link Drop - Backslashes New Album, Freestyle Fam, Cig, Locals

Backslashes and Bad Ideas
My buddies in Backslashes and Bad Ideas just released their debut EP, Nothing Left to Give. This five song flurry is sure to quench your pop-punk, Brandnewish/FallOutBoyish desires. Check it out below, and be one of the few who get to download it for free!

Eric D'Alessandro
Check out the always funny Eric from ERIXFLIX's new video parody of "No Lie."

Freestyle Fam
Needs your help! All you have to do is login and vote for their remix song "I'm Good." 

New freestyle tracks from CiG.

Staten Island Locals
Check out the new SI Show's page to stay local on all of the musical going on's of the island.

Also, be sure to check out Nicole Gioradano Photography!

Broken Records Magazine
My magazine recently had the pleasure of joining Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Brandon Boyd of Incubus on a conference call. Here's what they TALKED ABOUT.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

InDisguise on Late Night with Johnny P

InDisguise is a mixture of sounds ranging from Volbeat, Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots, and Black Label Society. They are currently taking New Jersey by storm and were recently on the Johnny P show performing and being interviewed. Check it out around the 44 minute mark.

Late Night With Johnny P / Episode #65 from Johnny Potenza on Vimeo.

InDisguise is currently in full rotation on the Metal Mayhem Radio Show by Matt O'Shaughnessy on WVOX 1460am. Metal Mayhem will also be world premiering their album Ashes Divide when the album is finished.

August 25th InDisguise will be performing with Pool of Thorns at Dingbatz.

Freestyle Fam Making Moves, Cig Dropping Bars, Joe Josh Laying Beats


Freestyle Fam are some the illest and most talented rappers you'll ever hear period. Their latest project, called, First & 15th, will see The Fam releasing a new song for FREE download every 1st and 15th of the month. Check out their first release below.

Freestyle Fam also released a new single on iTunes today, "Here We Go." Check it out and DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Keep up with Freestyle Fam at their newly updated website - http://www.freestylefam.com/


CiG is in the studio cooking up a new album, but along the way is sneaking out tidbits of what's to come. 
Watch him kill it in this freestyle.

Check out what Joe Josh is doing over in his studio. Cranking out almost a beat a week, contact him if you need a producer.

Dropping soon, the "No Mercy Remix" by CiG, SiK Boi, Vinny Jett, and Anthony M.

Broken Records just released the issue in almost a year. It is a relaunch and Internet transition for the publication. View it and DOWNLOAD IT FREE.