Thursday, November 29, 2012

KidsWithSoul 'Puzzles of Ceres' Mixtape Review

By Gerard Ucelli

Hailing from Staten Island, NY, Leroy Goodwin better known as KidsWithSoul released his
debut R&B/Hip-Hop mixtape, Puzzles of Ceres in September 2012. If you were to create a recipe
of good music deriving from Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, and Maxwell as ingredients, the
outcome is this mixtape.

With that being said, my appreciation of this mixtape is on a very high scale. KidsWithSoul
really puts in an amazing mix of rapping and singing. Not to mention that as a piece of work, it’s
well structured, and makes his style quite distinctive. It’s one of the first mixtapes that I listened
to in a while where I can honestly say I played it from beginning to end.

Getting into the songs, “The Cry of a Goddess” was the perfect first track to captivate a
listener into discovering more about the artist. Not only is it very soothing, it also makes you
think about how the rest of his work is going to sound like. To me, a good album is when the
first song makes you want to keep listening throughout. First impressions can really come a long
way and “The Cry of a Goddess” certainly proves that.

If one was to ask me which song from this mixtape I would instantly put on the
radio, “Weeping Skies (All I Do)” would be it. The piano in that track really sets the tone.
Personally speaking, that piano really motivates me to really pay attention to the lyrics. Although
it’s a very melancholy track, it brings out the melodic talent of KidsWithSoul. At the same time,
I feel that song out of all of them is the most relatable for a wider audience.

Going into more of his rapping, his rendition of “Ready or Not” by The Fugees really
expresses his talent in that spectrum. Every time I listen to his rendition on it, I feel like I’m
listening to the original version of it. The vintage aspect of how he recorded it portrays how
prosperous his flow and delivery is. That track also depicts how intellectual and insightful his
wordplay is.

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