Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Process of Fusion CD release show and friends!!!

Come on out for the PROCESS OF FUSION cd release show on March 31st at the CUP on 388 Vanduzer Street. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8. Come see great bands like:





Come out, hear some great music, and by a cd. $10 admission, $5 cd.

Monday, March 22, 2010

About me

I have a regular "about me" section, but that pertains to me standardly. This is a whole new adventure, so I'll write a whole new "about me" pertaining to why I'm doing this.
I've been wanting to blog for a long time. I just never knew what to do it on. I've dabbeled with the likes of Xanga, Myspace, and Facebook, but never found them as useful means of expressing my thoughts. Then I take a class I thought was going to be newspaper reporting. Turns out the class was changed to blogging 101, and my main objective would be to create a relevent blog. Eureka! As I pondered the infinite possibilities of what to write about, I hurt myself because I thought to hard...but then it hit me! LET'S TALK ABOUT MUSIC!!! (Sorry, those are my excited caps).

So let me tell you important stuff now "Hey ya'll what up, lemme tell ya bout me. I'm Justin, the illest and flyest MC. Cause when I rock the mic we start the party..."- SiK Boi aka me.

Ok, so basically, I'm a musician. I started as a punk rock drummer and vocalist when I was in 8th grade. I soon grew bored of this, and was not very successful. I enjoyed writing the songs much better, but had severe stage fright, and a crackling voice. What do I do? I went to college, and gave up on my dream...until I started rapping. I was intrigued by the idea, and realized I wasn't half bad. Then I started drumming, and rapping at the same time. It was a cool gimic thats novelty wore away when everything became too basic. Eventually me and my friend Pat formed my current band PROCESS OF FUSION. I abandoned the drums for the sake of a better drummer, and I now share lead vocal duties. After a few lineup changes, mainly drummers, we have the squad that I will do battle with everytime I play a show. I'd say we are pretty well known on the island, and I hope to branch out and grow from here.

Ok, but you still haven't answered about why you are qualified to write this blog? I figure, I know most of the bands on S.I., or have at least seen or heard of them. I've toured the Cup every week of the summer, and have gotten to know many wonderful and talented people. I have been in a bunch of bands doing various things, and I have about 400 cds ranging from N'SYNC to Eminem to some kind of Death Metal. I love music, it is my life, and I hope to make it until I am no longer around. I want to leave my imprint on this earth for something. With that being said, it will not come easy, so I have to garner the attention in whatever way I can. I want this site be the jump off point to any aspiring artist or just big music fans who want to stay in touch with the locals. I think that's enough for now...

The Music Scene?

So believe it or not Staten Island has one. It sounds weird right? Just to think that this "Godforsaken place" (among the nicer things said) has talent and passion. What I'm here to do is basically, enlighten the vast expanses of my audiences or maybe just myself, about all things music here on the Island. My hope is to make the "Forgotten Borough" one to remember, and not for the crappy stuff. So this is post one, we'll see where this goes.