Friday, December 7, 2012

Fairday Skyline 'My Empire' EP Review

Fairday Skyline is a local Staten Island band consisting of:

Kyle Blaine Corman - Vocals
Matt Kessler - Guitar
Patrick Granton - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Michael Koltosky - Bass/ Backing Vocals
Manny Mavrakis - Drums/ Screams

I know a couple of the members of this band very well from them being members of various other S.I bands. Glad they found a home together in a band that seems to be going places.

Their EP, My Empire, which to my understanding has not been released (SNEAK PEEK!), is the first studio compilation by Fairday Skyline, so here we go!

The album opens up with an instrumental called "With Glad Tidings." I really like the track, it's almost like the score for the intro of a film and is kind of ominous as it goes into the first track. A perfect intro that leads right into the ripping chords of "Waiting For Someone."

"Waiting For Someone" is a solid start to the album. Kyle's harmonies over the chorus are great and are complimented nicely with Manny's screams. The track has just enough instrumentation in it and features a gritty instrumental part into a softer lull before picking up into the final chorus.

Artwork by Nick Pisani
Next up is "Who Decides," and I'm deciding it's the catchiest song on the EP (sorry, I had to). The chorus is almost like an anthem to adolescence and the whole music scene. It's an awesome story to paint a picture in song, as we all know somebody that can relate. This would be the most worthy radio single on the album. Just like the first track, there's a slower bridge that leads into an almost break down like rendition of the chorus.

"Spreading the Disease" feels like a heavy acoustic song in the beginning, if that makes sense. Mike's bass-line throughout the song is great, and the music is the most dynamic on the album. There's a lot of nice guitar and drum parts. Overall, just a really good song that has something for everyone whether they are looking to just jam or vibe out. Also, around the 3:50 mark there's a pretty cool humming bridge which allows Kyle to get in at showing his talents off.

The following track kind of feels like a throwback in music to me. "Down to Earth" has an interesting sound that I can't put my finger on. At times the guitars and their tuning remind me of something out of the early 90s or even 80s but the vocalization is more dare I say Senses Fail-ish Alternative/Nu Metal like Shinedown. I'm very confused but in a good way, nice job guys! And finally the song displays some of Manny's deep growls!

The last track, "Maynard Fights Fan," is the most different on My Empire. The verse kicks in with an almost jazzy like guitar part interlaced with Kyle's singing and Manny's screams. It's very cool to say the least. We also see the bands catchphrase come in during the chorus, "We Are Terrifying." The second verse is musically like the first, but a lot heavier. Guitarists Matt and Patrick do a splendid job on this song going back in fourth between sounds and the song becomes almost genre bending. The heaviest part of the EP comes at the end of this song, providing a great way to go out.

Fairday Skyline has a signature sound and way they create songs. They seem always have an intro to the song that changes as the vocals come in, and they have a quieted down bridge and/or solo instrument section. The production and instrumentation is great. Kyle's vocals are well done and well layered. Manny's screams are on point and piercing. My only complaint is that he be featured more, but that's my preference for heavier stuff. A great first effort by the band, I encourage you all to get yourself a copy of My Empire!

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