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For more information on Broken Records Magazine and any of the services listed below, contact Justin Sarachik at


  • TheSIBandGuy will create a professional physical press kit and electronic press kit for your project to be used to send to labels, venues, radio stations, blogs, or wherever else you may want to send it.
  • Have a new project coming out? TheSIBandGuy will create a press release to send out to publications, radio stations, and all press locations. 
- Press kit is a one time fee of  $50 and will update when asked at no additional charge whenever needed.
- Press releases are $20 for 5 releases, and $5 for every 5 after that. 
- Combo package for $60

  • Pro Photoshoot and interview that will be published in both print and online along with fellow locals and signed artists. 
  • Live photography with concert review and interview for publication.
  • Press Release publishing through Broken Records and TheSIBandGuy sites for every news release pertaining to project for a year. 
  • Band/Artist advertisements in Broken Records issue.
- Photoshoot and interview $50 depending on location.
- Live shoot and article $65 depending on location.
- Press publishing, $10
- Ads, (front cover $200), (back cover $125), (Inside covers $100), (Full page $50), (Half Page $20)
- Combo package ($200 - 300 depending on advertisement)

SPONSORSHIP (Broken Records Collective)
  • Have band/artist materials at every Broken Records run show or table set up regardless if on bill or not.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Email, and blog promotion of music.
  • Booking for every Broken Records Show within genre & free admission to Broken Records run shows.
  • Website promotion and banners.
  • Compilation album feature.
- First time fee of $150, $25 renewal yearly.

  • TheSIBandGuy will teach you how to build a brand as an artist.
  • Hands-on social media lesson on how to properly use Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube with the intentions of building a fan base and reaching a target audience with TheSIBandGuy.
  • TheSIBandGuy will manage an artist or band for 3 month period.
- Meeting and session are $50, each additional lesson (if needed is $10). 
- $200 for initial 3 months. If happy with results, $50 a month and $5 for every $30 made at a show.


TheSIBandGuy is a subsidiary website of Broken Records Magazine and a branch of the Broken Records Collective that is focused on local promotion, exposure, and talent scouting.

Broken Records and it's affiliated websites have a monthly reach of roughly 15,000-20,000 viewers with combined social network followings of 16,000 fans.

Broken Records has covered events such as Jingle Ball, Uproar, Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Country Throwdown, Taste of Chaos, and Mayhem. In addition, the magazine threw it's first annual BRM Festival this past winter, amassing 500 ticket sales in two days.

To name a few of the more high profile interviews Broken Records has had in the magazine: Les Paul, Carrie Underwood, Steven Tyler, Scott Stapp, Sonny Sandoval, Korn, Kel Mitchell, Between the Buried & Me, and David Cook.

BRoken Records is dedicated to the music fan and musician alike and features no b.s. articles on all your favorite signed and unsigned artists of all genres.

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