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A'tris Week 23

Kick @ Gramercy



Process of Fusion
The band gets some blog love courtesy of
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Singer/Songwriter Urica Rose is Trying to become a "Rockstar"

Urica Rose

What does "Texas girl with an NYC vibe" mean to you?
This is how I have been perceived and described once people find out I was born in Texas and live in New York. By intertwining both states, they try to describe the fuse they see.

Where do you derive your style and sound from?
There isn’t one person that I try to sound like. However, I have been inspired by artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Janis Joplin.

How has living in Texas, NYC, and ATL had an impact on your music, and briefly describe the differences in music in these places?
I was basically a new born when I left Texas so I don’t remember much about it. New York is like a melting pot. Since there are so many cultures here, the music is limitless. That makes me feel like my music will be too. There’s no end to what I can add to my melting pot of sounds. In ATL, I was introduced to rock and there the fuse began. I learned how to write from Meechie (manager of the GG's). He assured me I had the talent to do so. For a while I didn’t know I could write; I would only freestyle to songs I liked.

Tell me about your band People of Exile. How did you all get together and how does the writing process work?
I met the People of Exile through a friend of mine who happens to be a cousin of one of the members. Once I met with them I realized I went to school with one of the other members. From there, I just instantly clicked with the rest of the band. The songs I currently have with the band are freestyles turned into songs. For the song "Where Are We Now" the hook was already written and I wrote the verses and freestyled the second part of the song. Our other song "Shoot Em Dead," I came up with the hook in the bathroom when it kind of just popped in my head. I took it to the guys and we freestyled the rest and shaped it later.

Who are your biggest inspirations in music, and who would you strive to be like if there is anyone?
I love people like Tina Turner, Prince and James Brown because they weren't afraid to make music that sounded different. They didn’t care how it sounded to others. They made music that felt right to them and eventually others got it. If I could, I wish I could combine all three of their talents in me. I would then be unstoppable. The passion alone that these artists had can’t be copied today.

How did you get together with Jon Santos to record "Rock Star" and what was it like working with him?
I got in touch with Jon Santos through my manger who heard of him through a friend. I think Jon is so amazing! He was very easy to work with because he gave very good pointers. He also has an amazing ear. I would recommend him again and again.

What was the inspiration behind the song, and are you performing and promoting it yet?
When I wrote the song it was at a time when people didn’t understand why I wanted to be a rock star. They still don’t. It’s almost like a rebellious song. You tell a kid to do one thing and sure enough they will do the other and that’s what this song was for me. My stand against those who wanted me to do R&B. I am a rock star at heart and that’s what I am going to be no matter what.

Are you in the process of making a full length album?
I am working on singles and a few sound track projects that I am very excited about.

Best musical experience and biggest show ever played?
The biggest show I have played so far was at Teen Fest in Canada. So many things are happening so fast. I am most excited about performing at Six Flags and to be mentioned on their web site is so great! I am also looking forward to my tour coming up in late September. I’ll be on the road until a week before Christmas. I love to travel and performing is just an added bonus.

What is in the immediate future for Urica Rose?
Well everyday something awakens on my very active path of life. I am currently working on the video for my first single "Rock Star." I am helping with the production and co-directing.

Anything further to add?
The only thing I have left to say is never let anyone tell you, you can’t do what your heart desires. Just do it! “I am not going to stay in the box you gave to me” (a quote from Rock Star).

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huge Update- In Disguise, Tiger Darrow, A'tris, & More!

First and foremost I would like to apologize for spending way too much time away from my blog. If you are a reader and wondering what happened, I am here, don't worry! I just graduated college, got a new job, and have been running around doing stuff for my band and magazine, but I am back! SO HERE WE GO!

Before you read on, check out my official Youtube channel! 

Still moving forward with the song of the week project, A'tris releases another gem, "I Will" originally performed by Radiohead. I spoke to Mason at a show recently, and he said the videos were losing some steam. So please please please, watch them and give them feedback!!!

Tiger Darrow @ The Bitter End
One of my favorite new and upcoming artists played the Bitter End a few weeks in NYC. I went out to see her, and she was phenomenal. She switched between acoustic guitar and electric cello during her set and played along with her bass player. The set was about half an hour long, and she was extremely confident and personable on stage. At just the age of 18, she expresses the talent and stage presence of someone well beyond her years. Read my interview with her here.

In Disguise I.D.
Originally known as Incognito & DePalma, the band changed the name after Jason DePalma left the band. Sticking with the "I.D." they became In Disguise. Here is their first single

Lori Martini
Lori Martini is a talented actress and songwriter from the NYC area. Check out her Mets anthem song she wrote, performed by Kassy K and Nick Javas.

Jon Santos
The hardest working engineer I know is at it again. He recently filmed a music video for musician Ted Poley. Check out the video below.

Jon Comis
Check out to see some amazing covers. Jon is a friend of mine, so be nice and like hi videos. Here are a few...

Eric D'Alessandro (ERIX FLIX VIDEOS)
I'll be interviewing S.I. funny man and rapper Eric D'Alessandro. He seriously has some of the funniest videos I've ever seen on Youtube. Here's a preview of one of his more famous ones.

Last but not least, check out some POF news!
Process of Fusion
Here's a preview shot of our shoot with Matt Donders.

The album has been ordered and is on the way!