Friday, November 9, 2012

Paraiso 'The E.P.' Review

Paraiso is a band that I had the privilege of booking to play the first Broken Records Music Festival. I had never heard of them before and honestly hadn't heard much about them except that they were good...and yes, yes they were.

Rick Vega - Guitar
The band was a pleasant surprise of blues funk rock reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock in that vein. Normally this music isn't my cup of tea, but to see it live and in front of me played with as much skill and passion made me a fan.

Led by frontman and guitarist Ricky Vega, who personifies modern day hippie (in the most respectful way of course), he sang with much poise as he mixed up his grizzly classic sounding voice between guitar solos and strummed riffs.

Providing the rhythm is bassist Mike Pando, who's grooves are steady and consistent throughout the tracks. He adds a good amount of flair in the background to all the songs, while drummer Peter Grancio does the same. Some may know Peter as the lead singer and guitarist of West of Dennis, as did I, but wouldn't you know, he's a really good drummer too! In a band like this you have to be on point, and on point he is.

Now on to the EP. Unfortunately it is only three tracks, but it's free, so no complaints!

The EP kicks off with "Any Better," which makes you feel like kicking back on a summer day. It has a nice relaxing feel to it and the guitar has a nice tone to it. There's a great musical break toward the end of the song where everyone gets to showcase themselves before the final chorus.

Peter Grancio - Drums
Up next is "Pure Kinda Thing." This track makes you want to get up and dance. The sound is very old school almost swingy, but very cool. It then calms down a bit into a more groovy section. This is probably my favorite section as background vocals chime in throughout the small vocal part.

Lastly is "Passing Me Bye." Here they introduce the grittier guitar and is more of a straight up rock song. It's a good way to close out. The beginning of the track serves as an intro into the song before it changes pace slightly. Pando's bass skills are most showcased on this track.

Paraiso, Spanish for Paradise, is sure to take you there. They are totally unique and fresh despite playing a style of music that is around forty years old. So please check them out, and download their EP free on -

Mike Pando - bass

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