Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Not Over News

Staten Island pop-punk band, It's Not Over, has been a mainstay in the local scene for over five years, but recently they took an extended hiatus to figure out where the band was headed and to make some changes musically. 

Finally, after many months, they have announced that their comeback show will be Friday July 13 at the Cup in Staten Island. Full details here.

The band would also like to let their fans know that guitarist/back up vocalist Josh Cronopolus has parted ways with the band, and that they are moving more towards a pop driven direction. With this change of style they are eagerly looking for a keyboard/synth player to fill out their music section.

It's Not Over is asking fans to vote for their song "Stop, Drop, Love" on z100. Vote here.

Singer Mike Giordano and bassist gave Ramirez are also exclusively looking to work with artists on upcoming projects and is offering his studio and production skills to anyone looking for a fair deal.

"I have experience working as a producer/songwriter with the engineers/producers who have done songs for B.O.B (airplanes), Diddy (I'm coming home), Eminem (I need a DR.) and more. Plus I have a college degree in audio production," said Mike.

"If you are interested message me or e-mail me, I can send you some examples and we can talk about a price that works best for you. 

Anyone who books a song for June I'm charging extremely low for June because I could use some extra bookings this month."
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