Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Album Review-It's Not Over (It's Just Started)

Photo by Alexa DiMaio
Finally, we have the album we've all been waiting for! February 19th, Staten Island pop/punk band, It's Not Over released their debut full length, It's Just Started.

The band, formed by vocalist/guitarist, Mike Giordano and drummer, Matt Cabello, have been rocking around NYC since October of 2006. Along the way they have added lead guitarist/back up vocalist, Josh Cronopulos, and bassist, Gabe Ramirez.

In October 2009, INO released a self titled ep that received heavy college radio play at UCLA and WSIA Staten Island. Later that month, they won the 3rd Annual Battle of the Bands at the College of Staten Island. Riding off of that high, they were later named in the Aquarian as an "On the Verge Band."

Fast forward to 2011, and It's Not Over has still proven relentless in their pursuit of success. In December 2010 at a Christmas show at the Full Cup, INO announced they had signed to Eclectic Records (EMC), fronted by co-founder and band manager, Alex Titta. "EMC has been great to us and we are really grateful for the work they have put into our career. They are currently booking us our tour, and getting a lot of things together for us, like getting this album out for everyone," said vocalist Mike Giordano on the signing.

It's Just Started, was a vision that started in September 2009 and lasted into April 2010. The process was long, and after a series of delays, the finished product is here and won't disappoint. INO did all the recording with Rob Guariglia (formerly of the Veronicas), and was mixed by Ken Harter.

The album is full of catchy and radio friendly tunes like "Better Off" and "Kiss Kiss." INO also expresses a deeper slower side with songs like "Never See Me" and "Hold You Tight." Showing off some versatility, rapper Jay Ax appears on "Sweet Heart Breaker" and guest singer Sabrina Fracchiolla of Spread the Rumor, sings on "You and Me."

Overall the album is a solid first effort for these pop rockers. With catchy pop hooks and tight instruments, this record is sure to catch the ears of anyone who listens and everywhere it goes. To help push the release out, It's Not Over is in the midst of a small tour hitting various places in NY and NJ, and even PA.

Also, be sure to check them out at Webster Hall March 19th in Manhattan. Tickets are available through the band. See below for tour information, contact, and purchase of the album.

February 16 - WSIA Radio Station 88.9 - www.wsia.fm
February 18 - Everywhere - 1 hour Album preview (8 p.m) & Q+A with band (9 p.m) live on Justin.tv/its_not_over
February 19 - SI, NY - Album Release
March 5 - Union, NJ - Soundwave Academy
March 12 - New Milford, PA - Blue Ridge High School
March 18 - Westchester, NY - Bricksplosion at Suny Purchase
March 19 - NY, NY - The Studio at Webster Hall
April 1 - NYogurt Acoustic/ CD Signing.
April 3 - SI, NY - The Full Cup w/The Sophomore Beat, and The Life I lead
April 8 - Rochester, NY - California Brew Haus with Heading North

Photo by Alexa DiMaio



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