Friday, June 15, 2012

Mac Lethal Live in Stanhope New Jersey Concert Review

I had the privilege to see Mac Lethal play a show about an hour away from house in Stanhope, New Jersey. As some of you know Mac Lethal is my favorite rapper of all time and has influenced my music greatly.

My friends and I got to the Stanhope House at around 6:30 and sat through about six openers as we munched on wings and ate an amazing prime rib (in honor of Mac of course!)

The best of the openers was a 16-year-old local kid name Carpe Diem. He was very impressive with his rhyming and song making ability. 

Going on right before Mac, was the Yes Yes Yalls. They had just come off of Bamboozle and were pretty fantastic. The beats, the singing, and the rapping were all on point.

Finally at around 11:30PM Mr. Lethal entered the building. Greeting the remaining die hards with a hardy hello on stage, Mac instantly captivated everyone in the room.

He opened up with "War Drum" off of North Korean BBQ, which in my opinion is one of his best albums. 

Throughout the night Mac answered questions and took suggestions from the crowd. In one of the funnier moments a fan requested the song, "Lithium Lips." He hadn't performed it in a few years and actually took the girl's iPod to listen to the song to remember one of the verses.

Other conversations included politics, gay marriage, and poking fun of one of the fans strange outbursts.

Some of the highlights included an acapella version of his "Look At Me Now" pancake song and his great track with Sadistik, "Ashes to Ashley."

I had two gripes with the show. The first was I wanted to hear more off of Irish Goodbye. The only track played was an acapella version of "Jake and Olive." However, I will not complain fully because I know Mac's full catalogue and love everything off of 11:11. Also, his energy on songs like "Calm Down Baby" and "Rotten Apple Pie" made the performances special.

The other gripe is that I wished he performed longer, but that's me being greedy!

The entire show Mac Lethal was gracious and humble as he continously thanked the crowd and showed his appreciation for us being there.

At the end of the show Mac met and spoke to everyone off stage as well as gave them a free copy of Irish Goodbye because he said "To sell out means to sell something, so the whole tour I'm giving my album away for free."This was of course to combat the haters of Mac's recently found success with his viral videos and Text From Bennet Tumblr.

He stayed to take pictures and sign albums while answering questions and giving everyone his individual attention. My friends and I stopped to take pictures and get our merch signed. I told Mac about my band and gave him a CD and wristband, which he thanked me for and even took a picture with it on.  Later on in the night he commented my status on Facebook and told me he enjoyed the music!

Overall awesome night, well worth the $12. Check out the video and pictures below. I apologize for the sound quality, I was near the speakers.

Vinny Jett, Mac Lethal, and I

Mac wearing the POF wristband 

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