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Interview and Album Review of Jolly

(L to R)- Anadale (Vox), Louis (Drums), Anthony (Bass), and Joe (Keyboard)

This progressive rock band simply known as Jolly, is creating music a lot more complex than their name leads you to believe.

For their latest album, The Audio Guide to Happiness Part 1, Jolly infuses binaural tones in their music that are experienced through headphones. To quote them directly,"The listener is subjected to musical mood dynamics and key lyrical triggers while the brain is fed corresponding binaural tones. These tones are carefully and deliberately interwoven within the music to support all appropriate peaks and valleys throughout the experience." In non scientific terms, this means every song has different emotional experience on the listener, whether happy, upbeat, or even anxious.

Jolly at the Full Cup by Justin Sarachik
The album plays from start to end as a story concept album. While songs can be listened to individually, the album is best heard as a whole. The album starts off strong with "End Where it Starts" because of its raw and heavy guitars. It's the perfect tone setter for an album filled with fantastic instrumentals laced with powerful vocals. Track three, "Joy" provides great melodies over the verse and features a solid chorus. "The Pattern" is the single worthy song of the album with overall strength in its entirety. "Where Everything's Perfect" is another one of the records strong single like tracks. It flows as a narrative story. What's really cool about this track is the overlying piano into the musical transitions. It adds so much to the music not just in the song, but throughout the disc.

Overall the album is a great listen. Hearing the transition between vocals and music is really the key of this album. Jolly does a great job of making these cues seamless and work hand-in-hand. It's a new breed of music, and it is obvious that a lot of thought and passion went into making it.

Jolly at the Full Cup by Justin Sarachik
Jolly is clearly out to be different saying about the tones, "It ads a spin. It's a bit controversial," said singer Anadale. Expanding onto their theme of "Audio Happiness" part 2 of the album is already made. "We wanted to have the songs together as a treatment. The album is done, but we don't have a set release date," said Louis. As of now, Jolly incorporates some of part 2's songs during their set now.

Asking them about how and why they came up with the current album's theme sparked a few different answers. Anadale said, "There are many trials and tribulations of reaching happiness." Joe thinks it's easily described as "Therapeutic." While, "Dynamic and emphasis of emotion," is what Louis came up with.

Jolly's previous release, 46 Minutes, 12 Seconds of Music, was a bit heavier. "The new record is our first attempt to really find our sound. It's mellower, but has the same sound," said Louis. They went on to describe how their first album was a bit rushed, because they were signed off of a few Myspace songs. The album had to come together quick for the label.

Hearing their small sample of music, a record label from Switzerland messaged them saying they would like to sign them. Jolly then got a manager and before they even got a handful of local shows under their belt, they headed for Europe, doing four shows in ten days. In those ten days Jolly was able to fully take in a small sample of the European music scene. "They are more open to new music, while people here want to hear songs they know," said Anthony. "The crowds are a lot less energetic, but they really listen. They soak in every word you say and really just listen," observed Joe.

Jolly at the Full Cup by Justin Sarachik
The band agreed that one of their greatest moments as a band was that first show in Europe. They arrived to Holland to a crowd of over 1,000 people. They met up in Europe after two hour train rides and connected from three different countries. The setting just made for an epic performance, and an amazing moment for the band. It also set the tone for what was to be a big fan base in Europe. They get help from their joint European/American label of Inside Out (Europe) and Century Media (U.S.) In return, Jolly helps to spread Inside Out in America.

 In the next five years Jolly hopes to be doing more touring in Europe, recording, and making a living off of music. In the immediate future, Jolly will be doing some east coast touring before heading back to Europe in the fall. They have a video release coming soon that is in the process of being edited. Right now it's under wraps and top secret.

Jolly at the Full Cup by Justin Sarachik
Jolly would also like the readers to know if you go to and type "Sibandguy" you can get two free downloads courtesy of the band. 

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