Saturday, June 11, 2011

Album Review "White Rabbit" by Egypt Central

Memphis Tennessee's Egypt Central is tearing up the up and coming artists music scene. 

With their release of White Rabbit on May 31st, the fans and critics have fully shown their support. Debuting this week at #5 on the SoundScan's "Current Hard Rock Album," they will also debut on spot #78 on the Billboard top 200 chart.

The single "White Rabbit," released on March 1st has already amassed over 21,000 downloads. You can watch the video for "White Rabbit" below.

Listening through this album in preparation for the review was both an enjoyable listen, and a promising experience. Never hearing Egypt Central before, I wasn't sure of what to expect, but what I got was excellent. 

Almost every track on this album is geared to be a single. The disc starts off with "Ghost Town." It's a good starter, as it features a heavy intro with melodic keys in the background. 

Up next is of course the namesake of the album, "White Rabbit." This track is quickly taking over my playlist for most played song. As a single it is absolutely perfect. It displays everything the band showcases, and has an incredibly catchy chorus. 

Track three, "Goodnight," serves as the slow single. It has that grungy Stone Temple Pilots/Creed feel to it. While the next track, "Kick Ass," has a Guns & Roses feel to it. It is a step up from the grunge into the gritty.

"Change" is more of a contemporary/alternative single for the radio crowd not looking to really rock out. "Drug" provides the listener with a little screaming on the track. It has a catchy chorus, but is more of a filler.

"Down in Flames" provides solid rock throughout, but didn't really stick on me. The next song however, picks the end of the album up with the strong "Enemy Inside." It is a slower rock ballad much in vain of Evanescence or Three Days Grace. We are reintroduced to some strings in this track, and it is a great radio play if they release it as one.

"Blame" is a strong chorus driven song, but is another filler in my opinion. "Dying to Leave" brings more of the dynamics back with a medium tempo balance between music and vocals. 

"Surrender" is easily the weakest track. When I say weak, I don't mean terrible. The problem is the strong songs are "really strong." 

"Backfire" is a great closeout to the album. It is an acoustic track and is a nice departure from the heavy rock. It's a nice touch that let's you hear the strength in John Falls voice.

Overall this album is an exceptional release, and should continue to do well as it makes it's way up the charts. Expect to hear a lot more from Egypt Central as their fans chase after the White Rabbit.

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