Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huge Update- In Disguise, Tiger Darrow, A'tris, & More!

First and foremost I would like to apologize for spending way too much time away from my blog. If you are a reader and wondering what happened, I am here, don't worry! I just graduated college, got a new job, and have been running around doing stuff for my band and magazine, but I am back! SO HERE WE GO!

Before you read on, check out my official Youtube channel! 

Still moving forward with the song of the week project, A'tris releases another gem, "I Will" originally performed by Radiohead. I spoke to Mason at a show recently, and he said the videos were losing some steam. So please please please, watch them and give them feedback!!!

Tiger Darrow @ The Bitter End
One of my favorite new and upcoming artists played the Bitter End a few weeks in NYC. I went out to see her, and she was phenomenal. She switched between acoustic guitar and electric cello during her set and played along with her bass player. The set was about half an hour long, and she was extremely confident and personable on stage. At just the age of 18, she expresses the talent and stage presence of someone well beyond her years. Read my interview with her here.

In Disguise I.D.
Originally known as Incognito & DePalma, the band changed the name after Jason DePalma left the band. Sticking with the "I.D." they became In Disguise. Here is their first single

Lori Martini
Lori Martini is a talented actress and songwriter from the NYC area. Check out her Mets anthem song she wrote, performed by Kassy K and Nick Javas.

Jon Santos
The hardest working engineer I know is at it again. He recently filmed a music video for musician Ted Poley. Check out the video below.

Jon Comis
Check out to see some amazing covers. Jon is a friend of mine, so be nice and like hi videos. Here are a few...

Eric D'Alessandro (ERIX FLIX VIDEOS)
I'll be interviewing S.I. funny man and rapper Eric D'Alessandro. He seriously has some of the funniest videos I've ever seen on Youtube. Here's a preview of one of his more famous ones.

Last but not least, check out some POF news!
Process of Fusion
Here's a preview shot of our shoot with Matt Donders.

The album has been ordered and is on the way!

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  1. Thanks as always Justin! You're the best. Really digging those videos of Tiger. Thanks for sharing those!


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