Friday, June 10, 2011

Huge Mega Update!!!

Band Spotlight
If you've never heard of the band Moving Mountains, I suggest you look them up immediately or read the interview I had with their singer Greg. Doing an album review Waves is on the things to do list. Anyway, check out their new video for "Cascade" below.

Another band that has been brought to my attention recently is, The Body Rampant. I was sent their music video for "Sativa." They recently released their new album, Transient Years on April 5th. I'm not sure who they remind me of yet (which is a good thing), but they have that same Moving Mountains feel to them. I guess for the time being we will go with Armor for Sleep meets a melodic Taking Back Sunday. Check out their very interesting video below.

A'tris song of the week
As usual, I will remain faithful to my buddy Mason of A'tris and update you all on the song of the week project. Can you believe they are up to week 21 already? Keep up the good work boys! Check out 20 and 21 below.

Playdough Releases New video
Don't worry my hip-hop heads, I have something for you too! Check out Playdough's new video for "Ya Heard" featuring Mr. Dibbs vs. the Black Keys. Read my interview and review of his album here.

Jon Santos of Fallzone Releases a Teaser
My favorite producer, Jon Santos of 1176 Studios, gave us a little promo of what's going to be on the new Fallzone album with a backyard BBQ rendition of "Dance with Me." Give it a listen below.

Oh yeah, and this too

New Episode of Hollywood Girl
Speaking of Jon Santos, have you seen the show he works on, Hollywood Girl? Congratulations are in order because Hollywood Girl will soon be featured on a local channel out in California. Courtney Zito, keep up the good work! Watch the new episode below.

Process of Fusion
Last but certainly not least in my heart, check out my band in the Aquarian Weekly (click that). Special shout out to Dave Incognito for the hook up. Also, for anyone wondering on the status of the new album, it's almost here. It is completely finished, we are just in the process of creating artwork and getting some background stuff taken care of. Listen here for the first two singles.

Also, check out a side project of mine with singer/songwriter Matt Beck, called Cross Town Rivals. Listen to our first single "Fool Me Twice" here.

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