Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A'tris Weekly Download- Week 2

A message from A'tris front man Mason Taylor on the second week of downloads.

"Keeping our #songaweek project going strong, the guys and I released our second song, “It’s Too Late” last night. While most songs are co-written by Michael, Nate, and me, this is one I brought to the table on my own. It is a vulnerable song; one of the most deeply personal pieces I’ve ever shared. Normally I prefer to distance myself from this type of material; but I wanted to challenge myself as a part of this project to release demos of songs that I may otherwise be tempted to self-sensor.

What do you think about “It’s too late?” How does it make you feel? I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me." - Released Tuesday at 8:26 am

I owe Nate a big thanks for this recording. While he is often behind the scenes, this project would be impossible without his truly unique ear and talents.

For more info on the project, and information on how to be a part of this deal, click here

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