Thursday, January 13, 2011

News for the Day- Updates on Incognito Theory, BR and Timebomb, Figurehead, Process of Fusion, and new project- Review House

Hello all and welcome to thesibandguy blog. Being that you are reading this, you probably already knew that, but I digress. Today I wanted to change it up and just kind of have a conversation with you all.

On the blog front, things have been going great. I have more readers and followers than ever- over 1500 views last month. Keep them coming guys! On the Broken Records front, I have interviews galore and would love some help. So if there are any writers out there looking for some cool music related journalism, CONTACT ME!!!

Anyway, here are your updates for the day.

Incognito Theory once again returned to WSOU 88.5 FM to premiere new single "Vengeance" last night at 8:15 on Street Patrol. The band would like to give a shout out and special thanks to "the Brooklyn Dodger." They previously appeared on this show back in May 2010 to release single "This Present."

Listen at

On January 24th at 1 PM, I.T. will be appearing on Metal Messiah Radio on the DJ Softee Show. Tune in at

Check out these cool Incognito Theory Medallions for sale!!!

"We are doing a huge show on Feb. 4, 2011 at Kenny's Castaways to celebrate 8 years as a band and including some of our favorite acts/friends (Swift Technique, Stephanie White and the Philth Harmonic, etc.). The next day, Feb. 5, we are performing at the NYC Parks Dept.'s annual Winter Games in Prospect Park in Brooklyn." - Direct from the band.

For more info check out their Facebook

Local Staten Island band and friends of mine, Figurehead, will be playing Starland Ballroom on Saturday at 1:30 pm for the final round of JerseyShows Battle of the Bands. Be sure to go down and support them!


Something I haven't done too much of, is promote my band, but in this instance we have a lot going on that needs to be talked about. For starters, we made the Bamboozle Break Contest Competition. For those of you who don't know what that is, there are four rounds of tri-state area bands competing for a spot on the famed Bamboozle Tour. The winner gets a huge amount of prizes and press, so obviously it is important. Our show is January 29th at Club Karma in Long Island. Tickets are $12 and we have to sell forty, unfortunately we have a lot of verbal confirmations, but not a lot of tickets sold. We NEED your help. 

On January 19th we will be performing at the Full Cup with our friends in It's Not Over and A Wake in Providence to raise money for our Bamboozle trip. We want to make sure we have money to get our friends there and back. The cover charge is $6 and it's being hosted by EMC Records and Process of Fusion. Doors open at 6:30.

January 21st POF will also be competing in a Battle of the Bands at Warehouse in Staten Island. The event is hosted by Cage Match Wrestling. Doors open at 6:30 and the cover is $10.

Making any of these events would help out so much.

Lastly, I want to give a shout to Jon Santos of 1176 Studios in Whitestone, Queens. We spent over 24 hours with this man in his studio and are pumping out some of the best Process of Fusion you will ever hear. The music sounds great, the production is top notch, and Jon is a fantastic person to work with. CHECK HIM OUT!

Recently I was asked to be part of a collective team of writers, reviewers, movie buffs, and overall entertainment thrill seekers. Founded by Cinema Major Anthony Trombetta of the College of Staten Island, he hopes to create a network of followers and become an authority on entertainment much like I'm trying to do on my blog. I'm pretty excited about this because now I get to put my Minor in Cinema Studies to good use! Here's an excerpt from the "about me" section of the site:

"Hello all, welcome to The Review House, a website that will provide you with excellent movie, music, and television news and reviews. Also we will generate fun and educated list's, an interactive Discussion page, and so much more. Below is a list of the different pages the site offers. Click around, and remember "Our house is your house."

Reviews and Lists: A page setup to present all the reviews and lists that the team write. There is a search bar to type in something your looking for, and categories on the side to help you better narrow your search.

Movies: On our blog page (Movie Reviews) the team will work hard to provide you with the best reviews to help you decide what movie to see. In the Home page, we will update you on what movies are coming out, and what movies, and actors are getting buzz around town. And don't forget the list page, a page dedicated to, simply put, making lists, there you can find team submitted list on not just film, but music, TV, and life in general. All our movies are stamped with a "House Review" from 0-10, and are submitted by educated people in the field."

For more info check out

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