Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Emergency Protocol Release Single 'Social Butterfly'

Emergency Protocol is a local Staten Island fusion band that blends many too many different styles to count! They recently released a single track called, "Social Butterfly."

The song changes up quite a bit from slow to fast, heavy and light, and even more technical. Musically the song is solid. The guitar solo at the end is great, and the airy almost haunting keys over certain points are fantastic.

The vocals go almost throughout the entire song, and have many parts to it between mostly two vocalists who take turns rapidly or come in together. At times, I feel the vocals are too much and it may take away from the music at at certain times, however, based one track it's hard to figure the dynamic.

I would love to hear a complete body of work from these guys and gal, and I am excited to see what Emergency Protocol can come up with next.

 Check out "Social Butterfly" below, and give them a LIKE on Facebook.

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