Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Vegas Marriage Self-Titled EP Review

A Vegas Marriage is a three band from Staten Island consisting of Matthew Pelli on vocals/bass, Justin Imperatrice on guitar, and Vincent Rizzo on drums. They recently released their self-titled EP on September 20.

A Vegas Marriage kicks open their EP with the pounding sounds of "Don't You Ever." I couldn't think of a more perfect way to start the album. The driving guitars, steady pulse, and the accompanying drum beat light a fire in the listener. The vocal performance of this track is reminiscent to Dave Grohl as far as style, and the way it is sung, more so at the end.

"The Outside," is more melodic all around. It is a good change of pace from the first track, but still has the same feel and root as the previous. Call me crazy, but there is something about this song that makes me think of a Western themed music video with saloons and everything. Maybe keep that in mind guys…

"Breakthrough" is the slow ballad of the EP. It has a very 90s STP, Pearl Jam type feel, especially vocally. The vocalist has a great voice, and this is a track that really helps him showcase it. The harmonies add superb layers, and the guitar solo over the bridge fits so well.Towards the end of the track the song picks up and the vocals get belted out; nice touch.

The next track, "Something to See," dives right back into the heavier rock elements of AVM. This is probably the most rocking song on the album, as the vocals are stretched and the guitars are crunchier. I enjoyed a lot of the background vocals in this song, "ah-ahs" were a good touch behind the singing.

"Freight Train" again brings out some of the twang from "The Outside," and feels like some sort of epic train chase, hence the name. It is hard not to imagine the scene of events playing out in your head as this song plays through. Again, just another solid song, with a little more classic rock sensibilities than the others.

To close off the EP is, "Presence." The song opens up with strummed acoustic guitar work with light airy vocals. The chanted background vocals work well for this song and add more depth and dynamic to the song. Mid way through the song, and out bursts the electric guitar over the acoustic. It is a perfect spot and well executed until the end.

I agree with the acoustic jam closing out the album because it stands out from the rest of the tracks. A lot of bands choose to go with the power and energy to close out an album, but "Presence" does exactly what it is called, creates a presence to send AVM out.

All in all this EP is great! I have not seen A Vegas Marriage in a few years, and this EP shows me exactly what I've been missing as well as how much they have grown. The band takes an already well established sound and manages to put their own twist to it.  One moment they sound like Jet, at other times they are as aggressive as the Foo Fighters, and the next minute they rock out like Queens of the Stone Age. 

The band's next two shows are at the Cup on December 6th, and the 21st at Scout Hall.

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