Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Link Drop - Free Music from Diet, Process of Fusion, Freestyle Fam and More!

Ghosts of Eden
Staten Island "Velvet Grunge" rockers Ghosts of Eden recently released a music video for their song "In Motion." Dead Dove Creative filmed and directed the video as the band acted out all the roles in this playful and funny big wheel race. Check it out below!

Freestyle Fam
Staten Island Hip-Hop group just released their new mixtape for free a few days ago, and wow, if it awesome. It's the best work they have done so far! On top of that, the duo of Quest the Wordsmith and Redeemed killed it at Rap Fest 2013 this past weekend. So download the mixtape and check out Quest's closing freestyle.

Process of Fusion
Download POF's first Ep from 2010 for FREE, yup, it's available right now for nothing, so go get it!

Also, be sure to check out Diet's recently released EP. It is one of my favorite of the year! If you like 90s alternative/grunge, mixed with punk, check it out!

Broken Records Magazine
Last but not least, check out the new issue of Broken Records Magazine featuring Shinedown, 311, and David Cook and more!

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