Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Face the King Album Review of 'The Sound EP'

Face the King is a New York based indie/alternative band who released The Sound EP on July 13 as a preview of their up and coming full length. 

The EP opens with pulsing drums in a rhythmic almost march with "You, Me, & the Sound." Very catchy and a great opener. The piano and light guitars in the background are killer, and really fill the song up nicely. Musically mixed and layered well. Excellent start.

"All the Pretty Things," starts off very melodically, and has more of an upbeat punkier 30 Seconds to Mars feel about it. I can't put my finger on what exactly I am hearing here to make me feel that way, all I know is that two songs in, I hear two tracks that would be great singles. 

Next up is "The Stage." This is the ballad of the album. I really love what they did musically in this song. The bass work, the light synth, and almost haunting guitar chords before the song picks up more than half way through are beautiful. The dual vocals and harmonies along with the aggressive instrumentals to close out the song are killer.

"The Science Apart," is a mid tempo offering that sounds like what it is, the closing song of the album. It's a solid sendoff that mixes some elements of the previous three tracks into it. It sort of ends the story of the EP, and brings closure to "The Sound."

The Sound EP is a meticulously recorded four song record that plays great start to finish. The singer has a great tonal quality to his voice, and the music is on point the whole way through. My favorite is the superb work on the keys, that really brighten and fill out all of the songs. Each song has a standout moment for the whole band. The first song is the drums, the vocals in the second track, and the guitar work in the last track. 

It is hard to categorize Face the King because they blend so many different sounds together. My guess would be they fall more on the progressive/experimental side. To compare them, I get hints of Moving Mountains, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, and vocally Red Jumpsuit you can see, a wide range, but that's just me! Overall great EP, one of the best I've reviewed this year! Can't wait to hear more.

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