Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freestyle Fam Music Video, Omnia Makes a Statement, and Four Nights Gone

First up we have Freestyle Fam, two dudes who just so happen to be good friend's of mine. These two guys, Quest the Wordsmith and Redeemed are just straight up beasts on the microphone. They got together with a few of their buddies and dropped a hot music video for their song "Bar Fights." Watch the video below.

Download the single FREE here:

Freestyle Fam on the web:

Had the privilege of playing with this artist a few years ago. She's very impressive live and even better is the message she portrays in her music. As a Muslim woman, she is standing against some of the more  pressing issues portrayed and some times pushed on the women of that culture. In fact she was interviewed by Fox News about it -  . Read about it at the link to the left. Fair warning, Omnia said on Facebook some of her wording is wrong, and may have portrayed her view negatively. She said the following in a comment on Facebook -

"It's a slight wording issue, but it says that I'm speaking about inequities in my religion - but the problem is much more with the people than with the religion. The people have perverted the religion - and the last thing I'm trying to do is fuel Islamophobia, which we already have enough of."

Anyway, check out the video for "Grace" below!

The boys in FNG just released their lyric video for their new single "J. Buck." You can pre-order the Resilience EP at

Check out the video!

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