Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Backslashes & Bad Ideas with Fred Mascherino (Ex: Taking Back Sunday)

Shout out to the homies in Backslashes & Bad Ideas. They were just featured on Alternative Press for the release of their new song, "Defend Josh's Life Choices." (I know Josh, it's tough do do so... ;)

Not only is AP picking up the story and featuring the song awesome, but having Fred Mascherino on the track is huge! If you don't know who Fred is, he is the former guitarist/back-up singer of Taking Back Sunday, and now is solo in his project, The Color Fred. If you still don't know, he's the one that goes, "I got a bad feeling about this," 100x and makes you think, "Wow this sounds like John Nolan but isn't." I digress....

Go check the song out, listen to the song, and support these dudes from Staten Island.

Keep it coming guys, link below.


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