Friday, January 4, 2013

Cam Groves Hope Something Cool Happens Album Review

By Gerard Ucelli

Hailing from Wells, Maine, Cam Groves released his album, Hope Something Cool Happens (2011). As a side note, I booked Cam Groves at the Full Cup December 2012 along with Spose, Educated Advocates, and Kristina Kentigan. I decided to buy an album from each artist to review and this is what I bought.

After listening to the first song on this album, I was instantly hooked into listening to more because of the humorous originality of Cam Groves. That first song is “Stand Still.” I can always respect when an artist perfectly explains his/her life with no exaggeration. It’s hard for rappers these days to be honest with themselves in their music. Cam Groves does the opposite and his substance is relatable to the working, middle class trying to catch a break and have fun.

One of the coolest tracks on this album is “Studio Beat-Box.” It’s rare nowadays to have beat-box on a track in a 21st century. It definitely shows the type of Hip-Hop that he’s influenced by. As far as flow, I feel like it’s one of his best tracks on the album. The multi-syllables match together concisely.
The last song, “You Can’t Stop Me” is my favorite off this album. Regina Lucchese really purifies the hook and convinces you to pay attention to the verses that Cam Groves raps. It’s a very motivating and simple song not to mention how relatable it is for everyone. The song is about perseverance. His humor is incorporated smoothly in this and there’s nothing too outlandish that would turn a listener off on this song.

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