Friday, December 14, 2012

New Music and More!

Here's a quick little link drop to keep the masses satisfied!

In case you missed it (most of you did, which is a shame) a pretty famous rapper came through Staten Island last week with his band of merry lyricists. The creator of 2010's big hit, "I'm Awesome," was here with Cam Groves and the Educated Advocates. Check out some video I took of them!

This next video is by a good friend of mine who's just starting to get his music out. Shout out to Antonio Yhap. Here's his mixtape, Immature.

Of course, here's lovable local Backslashes & Bad Ideas. Check out their song Phoenix With an F.

December 21st the world is supposed to end, so go see a last show and check out End Of The World Christmas Brewhorsehorse @Dock Street! Oh yeah, and FigureHead and West of Dennis are going to be there! Here's the Facebook invite and a promo video.

Last but not least a show that is dear to my heart because I created it by some insane miracle and the power of giving...Hurricane Sandy Benefit & Christmas Party! F/T - EveryNightDrive, SpreadThe Rumor, Corrao Q, and More at Full Cup!

This show, December 23rd, is going to be great for so many reasons. #1 and most importantly we will be donating all proceeds to organizations that can help families affected by Hurricane Sandy, especially important during Christmas time. #2, my band was part of a music scene that more less died at the end of 2010, and now I've managed to recreate the "Superfriends" of my era. So to play with my best friends of music is very exciting. #3, EveryNight Drive is back together and the Corrao Q and Spread the Rumor have reassembled for one special night.

Throughout the night there will be raffles and giveaways as well as an after party! Here are some promo videos I made for the event.

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