Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Link Drop - Backslashes New Album, Freestyle Fam, Cig, Locals

Backslashes and Bad Ideas
My buddies in Backslashes and Bad Ideas just released their debut EP, Nothing Left to Give. This five song flurry is sure to quench your pop-punk, Brandnewish/FallOutBoyish desires. Check it out below, and be one of the few who get to download it for free!

Eric D'Alessandro
Check out the always funny Eric from ERIXFLIX's new video parody of "No Lie."

Freestyle Fam
Needs your help! All you have to do is login and vote for their remix song "I'm Good." 

New freestyle tracks from CiG.

Staten Island Locals
Check out the new SI Show's page to stay local on all of the musical going on's of the island.

Also, be sure to check out Nicole Gioradano Photography!

Broken Records Magazine
My magazine recently had the pleasure of joining Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Brandon Boyd of Incubus on a conference call. Here's what they TALKED ABOUT.

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