Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview with Singer/Rapper JD

Who are you and what do you do?
I'm JD and I'm a musician.

What is your style of music, and what do you do differently than everyone else?
My style of music is Pop/R&B with a little bit if rap/hip-hop for perfection (haha). What I do differently is mix different genres and blends of music that don't necessarily go together.

Do you feel your young age is an advantage or disadvantage?
I feel like my age is an advantage to my career because I can relate to what other teens are feeling in everyday life, so I can include those experiences in my music.

Who do you strive to be like?
I strive to be like ME, (laughs) but seriously, if I had to choose someone I'd like to be like musically and    especially lyrically, it would be either D-Pryde or Michael Jackson.

What are your biggest influences in creating music?
My biggest influences when creating music, are usually normal everyday experiences & beliefs. Other artists that influence my music include D-Pryde, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

How do you feel about today's current state of music?
Today's current state of music is actually pretty great at the moment! Mainstream music a few years ago was getting a bit dry in my opinion, everybody was preaching about the same topics and the music was lacking art, and passion. Since 2009, music has been breaking new barriers with a entire lineup of new artists, and classic artists making comebacks for themselves.

What are you trying to accomplish over the next few years?
For the next few years, I'm actually going to work on finishing up my academic education...while still balancing my music career as a full time job.

If you could work with any producer, artist, musician, etc- who would it be?
If I could work with any producer, it would definitely have to be Quincy Jones! I admire Quincy for ALL of the work he's done on every Michael Jackson record up to date.

Does your music have a message and if it does, what do you want it to tell people?
I like to think that my music has a clear message...Peace, Love, and Happiness. I want people to experience different emotions worth a lifetime when listening to my music.

What's the best piece of advice you've gotten about music?
The best advice I've gotten about music is "Give the people what they want, but stay true to yourself." This means to release music that will be appealing to the public and your fans, while still writing music that means something to you, the artist.

Anything else to add?
I'd like to thank "Broken Records Collective" for the amazing opportunity they've given me! Also, everyone should stay tuned for my upcoming debut mixtape! You can find more information by following me on Twitter @TheRealJD_Music or by "LIKING' my Facebook page at

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