Friday, July 20, 2012

Interview with Acoustic Rocker Joe Taylor by Paul Marino

Where did you get your start in the music industry?
Well, I got my start in Toronto where I attended Humber College to study vocal jazz. This helped launch my career in Canada. My music career didn't really start to kick into full gear until I made the move to NYC a few years later.

Did you plan on being a solo act from the beginning?
I actually started out in a band, the James Band, and was with them for about nine years. We were touring all over the Greater Toronto Area in Southern Ontario. I realized that to get to the next level, I had to do music on my own. It was a very difficult decision at the time to break from the band.

Where did your ideas and inspirations come from for the recording of 'Anything's Possible?'
My ideas come from life experiences. From day one it has been a struggle for me in the business. I started thinking about if a guy from the western suburbs of Toronto can move to NYC to pursue his music career, play in every dive in the U.S. and end up working with a Grammy winning producer in Los Angeles, then anything is possible.

Has your single "Around the World" fared as well as you hoped?
The song has done very well in helping me reach a new audience, however, until it's the top selling single in the world it has not reached my expectations. 

Any plans for your music after the summer?
Yes, I'm always writing new music. I am looking forward to going on tour to promote and support our current CD, Anything's Possible.

You've been dubbed the "Subway Idol" by the New York Times, what was your reaction to this title ?
I was very surprised to be called the Subway Idol by the Times! Of course, I was happy about it, however, my main goal is to make great music that I enjoy so whatever successful titles come from this is a bonus.

Do you prefer sitting down and recording in a studio or do you enjoy the experience of a live performance?
Honestly, I love both, but there is nothing more fun than performing in front of a live audience! The energy you get and the rush is amazing! On cloud nine! 

I have always been a big Beatles fan and it's the work that they did that gives me the direction in the studio. John Lennon always loved the raw, stripped-down live sound which you would get in front of a live audience - dry separation of sounds and lots of space. Paul McCartney on the other hand loved lots of production in the studio with lots of instrumentation and heavy mixing.

I love performing live and studio work equally.

If you were able to write a soundtrack for any movie, whether it's been released or not, which movie would you choose?
The next James Bond movie. Love James Bond...classic.

The quiet country life or the fast paced living of the city?
I love the country however NYC is my home. I need the hustle and the bustle. Make me feel alive and the energy of the city inspires my passions.

Any relation to the famous Taylors, like Zachary or Elizabeth?
Well when I was much younger I did have a crush on the 1960's version of Elizabeth Taylor but no relation to any famous Taylors.

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  1. Laura aka SI Ferry red back pack avid clapper :)August 22, 2012 at 11:20 PM

    Awesome voice... Definitely makes whatever song you play your own. He owns the stage be it train platform, ferry station, stage...he is leaving his mark no matter where he goes. Talented song writer, too; I believe we'll be hearing much more from him. Just love his CD! Stay your path, Taylor!


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