Friday, July 20, 2012

InDisguise Album Update and Contest

InDisguise's debut album, Ashes Divide is coming along great according to vocalist Dave Incognito. 

InDisguise begins vocal tracking after their July 28th show in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

The show is a benefit concert called, "Sounds for Scoliosis 4." Also in development is the band's TV appearance on "Late Night with Johnny P," which airs this month on Fios and Cablevision, July 26th.

Lastly the band is asking you to vote for them as they have currently entered the top 10 in a contest they are in. Help them get to the top three  in order to perform August 8th at the NJ State Fair as finalists to win. 

Dave says, "You can vote for us once per day until July 30th. Thanks to everyone for all the support."
Please vote below 

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  1. Justin, Thanks very much as always for your ongoing support.

    Jay P.


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