Monday, February 20, 2012

Four Nights Gone Review of 'Crash and Burn EP'

Local Staten Island band Four Nights Gone recently released their first EP, The Crash and Burn EP, and to no-one's surprise, they delivered just like they always do.

The band's signature sound is a combination of 2000s nu metal with hints of grunge and alternative throughout, sort of a mix between Three Days Grace and Papa Roach.

The first track, "Scared to Breath," opens the EP up strong. The changes in flow between the music and vocals, plus the mid-tempo speed give the song a "big" sound. 

The title song, "Crash and Burn," is very suiting of the ep. It has a solid and catchy chorus and the mix of the gritty guitar matching the droning hook of, "I can't fake this, I won't crash and burn," which especially stands out at the end with the background screaming.

Next on the CD is, "The Message." This track has a heavy flow with dynamic instrumentation throughout. Again, the song has a strong hook and the verses prove to be very good to sing-along to as well.

"Despair," musically has a big sound with a powerful chorus. There is also a great guitar solo over the bridge. The song is the most rough around the edges, but at the same time keeps up the consistency of the rest of the ep.

Continuing the theme of great choruses, and perhaps fittingly enough, "My Last Call," closes out the album in a perfect way. This song is musically the best on the album and very reminiscent of Breaking Benjamin. 

It has and up and down feel to it, and is definitely a single anywhere. The chants before the build a musical bridge are enjoyable and so is the layering of the double vocals at the end.

Overall The Crash and Burn EP, is a fantastic first effort for this band. They did an awesome job of crafting songs that were both easy to and fun to sing along to, and yet conveyed some meaning throughout the writing.

Four Nights Gone has a mainstream sound and is knocking on the doors of Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace as they try to prove they are the new guys in town.

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