Friday, February 17, 2012

Four Nights Gone Interview by Paul Marino

Sometimes it takes a little persistence to get what you want. After running through a few changes as a band, Four Nights Gone, the hard rock/alternative metal players from Staten Island, New York have secured their niche in sound and are looking to run full steam ahead with their music blasting.

The foundation for the group started with band mates Damian LaRocco and Steven “Lobes” Romano playing under other band titles with a different guitarist and bassist. This singer/drummer combo felt as if their future in the industry was going nowhere until finding Imran Xhelili in September of 2010 for guitar, and Alex Basovskiy the following year, also in September, for bass. Almost directly after their replacement in the strings department the newly formed Four Nights Gone recorded two singles, “Crash and Burn” and “My Last Call” in studio. The success of these songs was immediate and their new EP containing both tracks has given the band a lot of forward momentum on the music scene.

While on my way to interview the band I listened to the aforementioned EP, titled Crash and Burn, released January 20th, 2012, and noticed similarities in play style with rock groups like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. This did not come as a surprise to me given that much of the band draws their inspiration from them as well as other artists that you would commonly associate with the genre of hard rock such as Chevelle, Staind, and Thrice. The instruments of the EP have a heavy edge surrounding them that coincide with the lyrics proclaiming uncertainty and loss throughout life. When asked about the recurring themes in the songs, singer Damian said that he vents about his own life and the stresses of it through the music. He and Steve also explained that the EP embodies the strength to “overcome hardships” and “become a better person.”

Moving away from the EP, I asked FNG what their plans were for the future and without hesitation they responded with talks of tour planning and dreams of turning music into a career. The plan going forth is to tour this upcoming summer on a grand road trip that starts in New York, runs all the way down to Florida, and then continues with more shows on the way back home. Unsigned, the band is hoping to open at multiple different venues along the way and get noticed. Every member of Four Nights Gone says that they want to get bigger and get signed; the dedication to their music is unwavering.

All seems to be on coarse for stardom; reinforcing this is their fan base, which Mr. LaRocco says “reaches out as far as Australia.” While an Australian tour seems a bit out of reach right now, Four Nights Gone’s clear determination to “make it” will give them the opportunity to tour further than just the east coast in the coming years. The band is heading out of the local scene for a bit though, with their recent booking for February 22nd , 2012 at New York City’s Hard Rock Café. The band is ecstatic to play this venue and say that they’d like to invite anyone and everyone to come and enjoy this free show.

After meeting with the members of Four Nights Gone I can once again say that it is a relief to watch talent rise above the sea of mediocrity. With the band playing their first show together at Dock Street’s The Battle of The Bands and making it to play at the well-known Starland Ballroom, the talent I speak of is pretty obvious.

If you’re interested in the band, check them out on their Facebook, where FNG will keep you updated on their progress as a group. They also have Bandcamp and Reverbnation pages up for you to tune into, and don’t forget about their Youtube page for videos of shows, songs, and other such shenanigans. These young men are aiming high for their success and keep pushing the envelope with their rock. They’ve come a long way in the less than two years they’ve been playing together and there’s no sign of a slow down. They won’t fade, and they will not crash and burn.

The Hard Rock Café is located at 1501 broadway New York, NY 10036
Dock Street is on 691 Bay Street of Staten Island New York, Staten Island 10304  and The Starland Ballroom is situated at 570 Jernee Mill Road  Sayreville, NJ 08872  

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