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Rachel Chan Interview on Album 'Go'

This article was originally done with the Christian Post and can be found here.

Rachel Chan, daughter of best selling author and world renown evangelist Francis Chan, is making her own headlines with the upcoming release of her first album Go, slated for release Jan. 10 2012 under the EMI Christian Music Distribution.

The 15-year-old singer has had a passion for music her whole life. Playing the piano since she was six, recently teaching herself guitar, and singing as far back as she can remember – it was time to put it together.

Usually focused on student ministry, Chan said getting signed was unexpected and an awesome experience. "Definitely very exciting and new," said Chan, as she was in continuous prayer about the situation. 

The young singer was very blessed as she got hooked up with a well known producer from the start, Dave Lubben. "I absolutely loved working with him. He was like a big brother," she said.

One of the greatest attributes of working with Lubben was his attitude and making "everything about the Lord."

Rachel said her mom was a singer and she was used to being around a studio and watching others record, but as far as doing it herself for the first time, she describes it as "mind-blowing."

She expressed the importance of being involved with the writing process of the album making sure her hand was on every track. 

"I don't know why God chooses people," she said when asked about writing the lyrics, but states she gives glory to God, loves music, and does it for the kingdom.

Chan feels she has a very important message for her peers and she is unafraid to tell it. "I hope they are encouraged to be bold for Christ, and be serious and real about God."

She hopes everyone can see the awe and beauty, and the importance of coming from somewhere the listener can relate to.

Perhaps one of the most surprising features on this album is a guest rap appearance by Francis Chan on the album's first single, "Prove It."

She originally had "No intention of having my dad rap on it," she said. "Let's try having my dad rap on it," Chan said after talking about needed a little something extra for the bridge of the song.

The key aspect of the song is to portray the love of a father both here on Earth and spiritually. Chan describes the song as a metaphor for the love of God and how he takes care of us.

As far as her goals for the future, Chan said, "[I'm] not much of a planner and go with the flow," and hopes people who hear are changed and encouraged to do something crazy for the Lord. 

Next year she has some shows lined up with the Rend Collective Experiment, and will also perform at places her father speaks.

Right now she said she is perfectly content with praising the Lord, and "doing school stuff."

Chan would like to add, "Be bold in your faith and give all glory to Jesus. Don't be scared , the greatest witness we have is our lifestyle. Don't bury your talent."

She further said, "Young people are at a lack of role models who are following Christ. By listening to the CD it's not just words and tune. Don't be lukewarm."

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  1. Hey I know that you are doing this for the Lord so I Love what your are triying to do for other people I'm waiting for the next album "GO" was awesome hahaha I like Lame the moust, just keep on goin and you will see the result of doing this for the Lord!! My Name is Bryan Mialma I'm a fan of your work God bless you!! :)


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