Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Visiting Album Review by Gerard Ucelli

Even though this album isn’t what I’m necessarily into, these guys have a very radio friendly rock sound that is highly reminiscent of the grunge era. 
The single “Life In A Shoebox,” which is hands down the best song off this album, the band can be easily compared to bands such as Nirvana and Beck. I love how the story flows and it makes the viewer want to listen more into the story. 
What makes me commend Just Visiting is that they’re a bilingual band. A couple of songs were in Spanish on this album, “Te Prometo” and “Para Ti.” 
Even though I am not bilingual, I felt like the lyrics represented tough times and depression because these tracks were definitely the most emotionally charged. I took an interest in re listening to those songs despite not knowing any Spanish.
The very beginning of “Lust” had a very poppy feel to it at first. It felt like I was listening to The Strokes. As the song goes further, it had the presence of listening to Brand New’s older material. Lead Vocalist, Johnny Cervini has a similar singing style to Jessie Lacey when it comes to his darker songs. 
At first I wasn’t a fan, but after listening to how deep the lyrics are in each and every song, I have to give them the upmost respect in what they do because it is done so passionately.
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