Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Music, Commercials, and More- InDisguise, Freestyle Fam, ErixFlix, and Courtney Zito

InDisguise just released a new single called "Soil Burns," off of their forthcoming album Ashes Divide, coming in 2012.

Voodoo Terror Tribe
VTT just released a new track called "Twenty 12," check it out below.

Courtney Zito
Director/actress, Courtney Zito of the "Hollywood Girl" web series is trying for a Superbowl commercial for the annual Doritos contest. Check it out and Vote!

Click the Link Below!

Freestyle Fam
Two of the best rappers doing their thing right now, check out this 10 minute long cypher...

This kid is nice with it, check out his other stuff on the Youtube page, interview soon

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