Monday, April 11, 2011

What A Mess I've Made Review & Interview

I'm pretty sure his name has come up my blog before, but Javan Aybar is truly an amazing musician. Stepping on stage with his acoustic guitar, Javan opens his mouth and belts out some of the most unlikely vocals you'd expect from this tattoo clad artist. I say this completely out of love, because Javan has an outstanding voice and a knack for excellent catchy song writing. Yet again Javan has proved as What A Mess I've Made, continues to provide the listener with easy enjoyable heartfelt music. The passion is there, and the love of music in it's pure raw form is there. My band is a huge fan of him, especially the cover he did of our song, and he's a big fan of ours. So as Javan would say, "Don't cheer me, boo me, it's louder."

From Javan
It’s a 13 track ‘not the best quality’ self-titled album I recorded in my room consisting of just vocals and a guitar. I dropped the Mickey House Hands name and it’s the first stuff I’ve wrote/recorded and put up/out under the new name: What A Mess I’ve Made. There are a few songs on the Facebook player, but the whole album is up on my bandcamp site. It’s up for a ‘Pay What You Want If You Want’ download. I have a few ‘homemade’ physical copies of the album if anyone is interested as well as which I would sell/bring to shows when I start playing more, for the same ‘Pay What You Want If You Want.’ I also have the first CD IAMSUS I recorded under the Mickey Mouse Hands name which has 19 songs on it for free download.

Where did you get the name What I mess I've Made, and why did you drop Mickey Mouse Hands?
What A Mess I've Made is a line from a song called "Empty Out Your Stomach" by Lydia. I’m in love with that band. I was thinking of a new name for a long time and WAMIM was the winner. As for MMH, I was really never a fan of that. It was a random name that I overheard while figuring out what to name my Myspace page when I made one to upload a few songs to it back in 2006 I think. It’s not that I don’t like Mickey Mouse, but it was just a silly name in my opinion. Hopefully this dropping of the name also kills the amount of Mickey Mouse related gifts I receive for bdays, xmas and what not (haha), even though I did enjoy them.

What's your personal style and what are your biggest influences?
Even though it’s an acoustic project, my influences vary in genre, but to name a few: Daphne Loves Derby/Wolftron, City & Colour, Lydia, Copeland, Coheed & Cambria, Dear & The Headlights, The Number 12 Looks Like You, The Fall of Troy, and The Rocket Summer.

How come you are an acoustic artist and don't play with a band?
When I first started to try the whole writing originals thing, it was just easier for me to pick up an acoustic guitar, write songs and do my own thing. I would definitely one day love to see how this acoustic project would sound with the addition of some other instruments (drum, bass, guitar, etc) though.

When did you start music- singing, guitar?
I started playing guitar around 15-16. I use to be in chorus back in elementary school. I think that’s what set it off, because I really went in, come chorus time and after that.

What are your plans with this solo project?
I don’t really have any set plans with this. I want to write/record more songs, I want to play more solo shows, and maybe sometime soon play a show with a backing band. I’ve currently been jamming with a few friends in a non-acoustic genre. It’s looking promising. I think that’s my main focus musically at the moment, but regardless, I wont stop with the acoustic thing.

What is the coolest/memorable moment you've had as a musician?
One of my most memorable moments was when I finished my first piece of recording which was a six song EP (I was so proud of it back then, but boy, it was terrible) and I posted a bulletin about it. A few hours later I had about 20 replies from people I didn’t really know, who wanted to buy a copy. 20 might not be a lot to some, but it was wonderful to me.

Download the album at Bandcamp

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