Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hip-Hop and Techno, Check these people out!!!

Respect The Producer Vol. I
A tribute to J. Dilla

April 13th, 2011- Respect the Producer is a mixtape series paying homage to the most innovative producers in the Hip Hop community. Doc Zootz, a Staten Island emcee, goes over the best of Dilla's instrumentals in Volume One of this mixtape series. This highly anticipated project pays tribute to producers who have paved the way for Hip Hop. Doc Zootz brings vivid and powerful lyrics to a collection of the finest Dilla instrumentals.
Respect the Producer Vol. I will be released for free on May 18th digitally. Limited cd copies will be available.

For more information regarding Doc Zootz or the Respect the Producer mixtape please contact Stephanie Hologounis  at

Freestyle Fam
If you haven't checked out Freestyle Fam yet, you are missing the best Hip-Hop STaten Island has to offer outside of the Wu.

Born and raised on the mean streets of Brooklyn, DJ Burnout started his musical journey when he was just 6. He was abducted by alien lifeforms and they introduced him to the rave scene. It was at this moment that Burnout knew he wanted to be a DJ.

He first became interested in the electronic music scene in 1994. In 2002, aged 14, he won his first set of turntables in a game of Russian Roulette. At the age of 17, he was already being viewed as Brooklyn's answer to DJ Qbert. He did various warm up sets before the doors opened in clubs hosting major names. In 2006, he achieved his big break when he realized he was big in the game. It was after this point when he started getting gigs at big events such as Highline NYC and Ultrabar DC.

After receiving several offers, Burnout joined Phinger Ink Records Recordings, who helped distribute his first internet release, 'Burnout Spark That' in 2008. Though the album didn't sell as many as he probably would have liked, Burnout is a fighter and since 2010 has been locked in the studio perfecting his craft.

Suffice to say, the electro house, dirty dutch, and dubstep scene should be expecting big things from Burnout in 2011.

 Till The World Ends (Burnout Remix) by DJ Burnout 

 Barbra Streisand (BURNOUT ULTIMATE MASHUP) by DJ Burnout 

DJ Menic

While I'm on the rare kick of DJ's, check out my cousin Dom's mixes.

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