Friday, April 15, 2011

Ten After Two Album Review of "Truth Is..."

Sean Wall - Vocals   
Patrick Hennion - Guitar
Josh Doty - Guitar
Danny Clark - Bass 
Vincent Adorno - Drums

Ten After Two is an upcoming band that just released their debut album, Truth Is..., March 29th on Rise Records. Forming in May 2009, TAT balances the familiar line of screamo/hardcore, with melodic break downs and poppy harmonized choruses. Notably different about this post hardcore band is all sense of the generic as they masterfully create music that has to this point been worn out. Hearing new bands reinventing the envelope is not only refreshing, but hopeful as well.

Truth Is... encompasses the more mainstream elements of Underoath's They're Only Chasing Safety, while distinctly setting a tempo and style that is their own in a growing scene. With alternating high and low screams, it makes the heavier parts standout more than just blatant mono sounding aggression. 

Listening through the album, definite single worthy songs are "It Threatens", "Yes", and "Believe Me". "Yes" features lots of moving intricate parts with aggressive driving vocals. "Dead After Dallas" and "Satan's Slumber Party" are darker songs that really showcase deep screaming vocals and a darker musical style with almost blast beat like death metal riffs. 

The title track "Truth Is..." is a great melodic song with a spectacular climax that leads right into "Interlude in D Minor". From here the end of the album features alternations between fast, slow clean, and punkier parts along with some digital sounding parts in "Sight At Sea".

Overall this is a fantastic album, and a great debut for Ten After Two. They are sure to turn heads with this album and are definitely taking music in the right direction. Be sure to catch Ten After Two as they go on tour for The Artery Young Guns Tour with The Air I Breathe, Scarlett O’Hara, The Plot In You and Lions! Tigers! Bears!

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