Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trouble Andrew Album Review

A once icon of snowboarding and extreme sports, Trevor Andrew, is now trying to become a legend in another realm, music.

After a tragic injury in 2004, Andrew was faced with the reality that pro snowboarding was no longer an option. His then girlfriend and now wife, Santigold, encouraged him to try his hand at music. Using the resources available to him through his wife, he was able to create a unique hybrid of electro, hip-hop, and punk infused indie music.

Andrew's new album Dreams of a Troubled Man, is a good mix of every genre he is trying to touch upon. It has the raw gritty sound and quality of an indie record while at the same time touching on an underground rap album feel. There are elements of catchy almost dub step like beats, over pop hooks and catchy guitar riffs.

The single worthy songs of the album are definitely "Newkid" with it's droning beat and sing-a-long to chorus, and "Oh No" which is an uptempo poppy force to close off the album.

Other danceable tracks include "Global Trouble" and "Flaunt It" which will remind you of a sexy "lust after that girl" kind of song.

Overall the nine tracks of the album are solid, and it is an easy listen through. Trevor Andrew is sure to pocket a ton of new underground unique eared listeners with his supporting shows of Dreams of a Troubled Man at SXSW. So from rocking the slopes to now rocking the mic, Trouble Andrew seems to be only "troubling" the listener who is trying to pin point his original style.


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