Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eyes of Tragedy Music Video, ARK Breaking News, A'tris music, Incognito Theory, POF, & Jon Santos

Check out my brothers in Eyes of Tragedy! They just made a rocking video to their song "Rapture." Word on the street is, they are also looking for a lead singer, so if interested contact them!

A'tris Song of the Week 11 & 12

Week 11

Week 12

Again, great work A'tris, I think I may have to interview Tiger Darrow. She is an amazing singer, and complements Mason's vocals well.

Incognito and DePalma and Romolus X Records and ARK News

Incognito Theory record will be out in summer 2011 and Incognito and Depalma will debut in May. Also, adding to the family is two new band members for ID. Mindy Kern has joined on the bass and Daniel Eng on drums.

Also some exciting news from CEO of Romolus X and ARK: Dave Incognito has been named as the A&R guy for the company, and will also be working in promotions. Another big announcement is the joining up of 1176 Studios and the ARK. Jon Santos will now be working with Romolus X, and hopefully branching out recording more artists. This joint venture is very exciting and good for the surrounding area of bands and musicians.

Process of Fusion Break Contest info and Poster Contest!

Where will you be April 2nd? If you said the Crazy Donkey at 4:40pm to see my band in the final round of the Break Contest for Bamboozle, that's an amazing guess. Shameless plug aside, it will mean the world to me if you could come out and support my band. Tickets are $12, and if we win we play Bamboozle! It's a life changing opportunity and we are very close.

Secondly (not sure if that's a word), we need fans to take the default pictures on our sites and post them up in various places. Take a picture of you placing the flier in whatever place you want and send it to us! In turn we will send it to the Break Contest and somehow get more points.

Check out some studio updates!!!

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