Monday, January 24, 2011

Q&A with Drew Torres

Drew Torres by Amanda Hernandez for Kaoz Photography
If you like Ska, reggae, acoustic rock, and elements of sing-song rap, then maybe... just maybe you can hang out with Drew Torres.

Drawing influences from Bob Marley to NOFX, Torres also throws a bit of his life into his music. All mixed together, this creates a wonderful blend of truly dynamic and original music. This is Drew Torres...

(A condensed version of this interview will be featured in a new section of Broken Records Magazine entitled, "In the Mix with 1176.")

When did you know that music was your thing?
Well, I always had a love for music, being my father was a musician, so he introduced me to a plethora of genres at a very young age. Thanks Dad!

Growing up, who did you aspire to be like until you came into your own?
I fell in love with Green Day's Dookie album in '94. I always wanted to look cool like Billie Joe. He did it like no other, and WITHOUT the long hair and grunge look which was so mysteriously popular at that time...

Speaking of coming into your own, what is your style? I hear reggae, rap, ska, rock. What do you consider yourself?
Reggapkarock... (he laughs) I don't know, I grew up listening to all styles of music so I incorporate as much of anything as I possibly can. I guess if I had to call myself anything, I'd be a fusionist?

What are some artists that people have compared you too? Who do you compare yourself too?
I get Brandon Boyd from Incubus quite frequently actually. A few people have told me I remind them of Jason Mraz as well. I'm cool with both. Its a little difficult to compare myself to anyone musically since I'm on such a mission to create as much of my own unique style as I possibly can. So rather than utilizing other artists' style, I try to incorporate the genre as a whole and the underlying factors that make the genre what it is.

How did you get involved with Jon Santos of 1176 Studios?
An old friend of mine, Mo, actually introduced us. I came to the studio, we laid down "This Bottle" and never looked back, thus bringing Welcome To The Present to the vast world of music. That Jon Santos is a good man.

Drew Torres by Amanda Hernandez 
What's the biggest show you've played venue wise? Capacity wise? 
Knitting Factory, when I opened up for Gym Class Heroes. The sound was great, the crowd was great and the memories have been everlasting.

What's your biggest rock star moment? Biggest failure moment?
Hmmm... Well my fans in the Bronx always make me feel like a rock star... singing along to my songs, dancing, and just enjoying themselves. It's the little things like that that make me feel invincible. My biggest failure has to be playing a VERY inappropriate song at a memorial show, so embarrassing. I had to apologize to the person's grandmother. I wanted to bury my head in the sand.

Have you been on any tours? If so where and for how long?
Yes! I went on tour two summers ago, hitting the West Coast states-Utah, Nevada, Phoenix, etc. It lasted a few months. The kicker was getting back home and getting to play the Myspace tent at Warped Tour in NY and NJ. That was a great homecoming.

Why should people listen to Drew Torres?
I work hard on trying to create something beautiful for the masses. So BUY MY CRAP!

Anything else you'd like to add?
Keep posted at and for any upcoming shows, albums, collabos, etc. Much peace and love!

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