Saturday, January 22, 2011

CSI Class Gets a Taste of Art, Literature, and Reality

This post is a little different from most of the others, because it has nothing to do with music, nevertheless I continue. A few semesters ago I had a Journalism professor named Peter Conti. I'm extremely grateful I wound up in his class because he got my writing back on track, and really helped me polish what creativity was there. I really wasn't writing anything at the time except for assignments and songs. Also, because of his class I joined the college newspaper, and fell back in love with the feeling of sitting down and putting words on paper.

I've stayed in touch with PC "Peter Conti" since our class, and I was happy to help when he asked me to come to his class for a story idea he had.

His idea is pretty unprecedented for a College of Staten Island teacher. Conti is in the midst of teaching a three week course-SLS 303 (Modern/Post Modern Culture). Within those three weeks three guest speakers of prominence are addressing the class.

SLS 303 by Justin Sarachik

Last Friday, January 14th, internationally known artist Jun Cha, gave his presentation via the web over Skype. One look through this website and you'll see that this 21 one year old self made success story means business. He does tattoo work for celebrities as well as paintings, design, and free hand drawing. Cha's art is other worldly, and it's no wonder why he's gaining so much attention.

Jun Cha video conference by Peter Conti

Unfortunately I wasn't there to see him, but I did go on Tuesday the 18th to see author Christopher Grant's reading of his critically acclaimed book TEENIE.

Conti met Grant through a pick up basketball game in the city. From there the relationship grew and they want on to begin a project co-writing a book about rapper T.I.

Grant was nice enough to stop by room 2N-116 at 9:30am all the way from Harlem. The class was excited to listen to him read excerpts from his book, and was even more eager to ask him questions afterwards.

Christopher Grant reading from his book TEENIE by Justin Sarachik

On Monday PC's class will be visited by NYC gang police officer, Damon Valentino. He is sure to paint a grim and very real picture of an underground culture that most Staten Islanders don't know about. I'm choosing to not write about this until the full article comes out because it is not art or entertainment related like the other two.

Anyway, that was a quick update, stories on Courtney Zito of Hollywood Girl, Drew Torres, and Zo2 coming!!!

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  1. I was in the BLOCK program at CSI and took his writing class 111. Loved the challenge and decided to take two more of his courses. Excellent prof. its nice to see that hes still serving the students at CSI.


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