Thursday, October 28, 2010

Using Audio to Enhance a Story

In today's age journalism is easier than ever before. With that being said, it's also why it is harder than ever to break in. A person with a normal cell phone could become a reporter instantly even if they have no prior experience. For example: if you are at a crime scene- pull out your phone and record some video, or record the audio of someone speaking. Now that you have it, upload it to the web and anyone can see it. There you have it, you just became a "reporter".

And while that story does seem to hold truth in it, it's a little skewed. Obviously everyone knows a real reporter when they see one. Also if you took people in plain clothes, and secretly had some journalists mixed in, at the end of an interview you'd know the professional. But is that necessarily true? I'd say so for the most part, but on the other hand, technology allows us to do some amazing things.

A journalist has to be prepared at all costs for the simple fact that anyone can now do his job. With cell phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, cameras, etc. there are so many ways to nab a story. Of course you can always distinguish the writer of the bunch, but even that is not necessary because many interviews are done live on camera.

So what is it that will make your written story more complete? The answer is anything! Anything that you put aside from the written work online is a bonus. Story enhancers can be anything from a cool snapshot, to an audio clip or video, or even a Tweet. These are the things that will distinguish the "men from the boys" (hate that term).

Last Tuesday I had an opportunity to interview UK pop/indie band Graffiti6. They performed live at Black Shack Burger in Manhattan, and I was there to record some video and record my interview. Unfortunately because of my lack of technology and a little confused preparation the interview on film did not come out so well. However the song came out well, so here it is-

This was a cool experience that could have been even better had I captured the interview on some good audio. I guess I've learned my lesson, and now know what I have to do. Funny thing is two days later, I had a chance to interview artists Noah, and Wu Tangs Killa Bees- Shyheim and Prodigal Sunn. This interview was amazing and I was able to capture it on audio and video mainly because the room was quiet.(This will be up later today).

So that's it for now, enjoy the video.

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