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Interview with Jamie Scott of Graffiti6

Lead singer Jamie Scott of Graffiti6.
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UK pop/indie band Graffiti6 took a trip overseas to promote their new single "Stare into the Sun" off of their upcoming album COLOURS, set to hit shelves in America the latter half of 2011.

Already featured in Grey's Anatomy's season premiere on September 23rd, "Stare into the Sun" is promising to be a smash single. Another track from COLOURS, "Annie You Save Me" was played on the show Covert Affairs September 14th. "Stare into the Sun" has also been featured in ad campaigns for Heineken Beer and UK newspaper, the Sun.

"Stare into the Sun" single, album cover.
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Gaining critical acclaim by England's famed newspaper, the Guardian, calling them "New band of the day," the band looks to spread that acclaim to the States and wherever else their music can be heard.

Graffiti6 consists of: Jamie Scott, a singer/songwriter/actor who has opened up with Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys, and TommyD, a producer and DJ who has worked with countless acts in the industry like Kanye West and Jay-Z.

TommyD and Jamie Scott.
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The two of them initially paired together for collaborative purposes after a recommendation. After a period of fun experimentation they realized there was something more. Having a love for more folksy music, classic pop, and funk; the two combined their talents for a hybrid of sound not reached by many. Scott described the music as "Psychadelical northern folk with rock influence." So save your comparisons because the album ranges from the soft tones of Maroon 5 to a hip-hop techno infused beats with more aggressive vocals over it.

Scott tells about getting the name Graffiti6 by simply opening a book and picking the first two words his fingers touched. "It worked out great because now we have all of this artwork to go with the name."

When asked about G6's reception differences between America and the UK Scott says, "The U.S. surprisingly embraced it, and in Europe everywhere we went was packed." Scott says Graffiti6 will do well in America because of the success of older folk artists like James Taylor and Neil Young. He also goes on to say that the difference between the music scenes in the two countries is "the UK is very clique." He says, "The United States is more free for a small channel of music. There is so much diversity, I love being out here."

First American show for Graffiti6.
Scott responds to accolades like the Guardian and Grey's Anatomy with "It's really wicked. We have a good synch team. We put our heart into this record, and people loved it. It shows that we were right about our music."

So what lies next in the immediate future for Graffiti6? We are going to be starting our European tour, and then we are coming back in January to conquer America!" he exclaimed. "But seriously, we have a passion to come to America and play," he said. Another goal of theirs is to headline a tour in America. Out here they have only been an opening act, while in Europe and Asia, they are selling out on a headlining tour.

So be on the lookout for Graffiti6, as they try to "conquer" America and become the next big thing.

Video for "Stare into the Sun"

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