Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unidentified Industry Rapper, X Parallel

X Parallel

Frustrated by the music industry, and longing to expose his craft, rapper X Parallel is stepping out into uncharted territory.

Being shelved by his record label for almost two years, X grew increasingly impatient at the prospect of not releasing music. He decided it was time to take action. X dropped all ties to the mainstream industry world, and even created a new music world for himself. X set out to be a secret rapper by becoming anonymous.

Now here he is, sprouting up out of nowhere, all signs of the past gone. The music world doesn’t know who he is, and neither do most of his family and personal friends. Picking the moniker “X Parallel” really stands for “X” as in unknown, coming to form an “Unknown Parallel”.

“Trying to pitch the idea to record labels wasn’t very easy,” X states. However, Mike Russell of Say It Loud Records was listening, and gambled on an intriguing situation. After signing, X needed to find producers willing to work with him and work on his terms. X found Trae Sevn, and went to work on his debut mixtape The Symbol, released September 14 with the single “The Symbol”.

X said his hip-hop influences consist of some heavy hitter emcee legends like: Big Daddy Kane, KRS One, and Rakim. This is what makes X a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop community. Taking cue from his heroes, X is most proud of his storytelling ability and always conscious raps as an emcee. “Even though I am a different persona now, I’ve always being an intelligent rapper,” he says. X goes on to say “I’m even more underground now. I changed up the way I rhyme and my voice a little, but I’m still the same artist.”

X knows the challenges ahead of him in his quest for anonymity. Everyone move has to be planned out perfectly, but he says it keeps him on his game. X is all ready discussing plans to perform live with his team. “X Parallel is a way to push the creative envelope and share a story,” he says. “I have to convey my message without preaching. All eyes are on me and I have to deliver through my character.”

When asked how he thinks “X Parallel” will change the industry he replied, “Music is getting worse. The top 40 you hear is microwave fast food music. The underground is changing and conscious rap is rising.”

“What I had to do was out of necessity. I wish I could be out there and work it out, but it is not so. Now I have the Internet as my venue to focus my art. I’m independent and unidentified, hopefully that will create enough of an interest.”

First Single "The Symbol" Part 1

Official Website- http://www.xparallel.com
Press/Media/Interviews- urbanscientists@hotmail.com


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