Friday, October 1, 2010

British Solo Artist "Annie Eve" Pushes Her Music to the States

From a few conversations and an interview, it was easy to see Annie Eve is no regular girl. At the age of 19 Annie embarked on a journey most wouldn't dream of, or even have enough courage to do on their own. This native of England decided her music was much bigger than the island she was on, and took a shot at fulfilling her dreams. Annie Eve was heading to America to show the rest of the world what she's got. Driven only by her passion and desire for her art, she believed in the music enough to take a chance. Going to a foreign country can be scary, but to come here to travel and explore on your own, is on a whole different level. However, there was only one objective in mind, music. Hopping from one open mic night to another, Annie made her way from New York to California. Although there was no official meeting, the interview was conducted over Facebook messages. here's the story...
Describe your music in a few words…
I always find it difficult to describe my own music, but I would say that it's an alternative kind of folk. I think it has an edge to it, me (haha). Whatever or whoever I am is in the music. So how it sounds and tastes, is me. Not sure if that makes sense.
Where did this passion/drive for music come from?
I dont know where exactly,but it was my brother who made me really want to learn guitar. He's just so good at it. I guess, from the moment I started I couldnt stop, there was no going back.
What inspires you to write music and describe the process of making a song?
Life, other music. Sometime when I’m moved by something, a person, a situation or some music it pushes me into the creative circle and a writing frenzy occurs. I remember the first time I heard "Don’t Think Twice" by Bob Dylan it completely changed me.
What kind of reception do you get in your hometown and the places you’ve played at?
In London I think it’s a little different. You don’t really go for each town, you kind of go for the whole thing. But I play a lot in Camden, and people are really supportive. I’ve met so many great musicians and promoters that are so into music. It's a great place to be.
Is coming to America exciting for you, and why do you feel it’s important to your “mission” as an aspiring singer/songwriter?
YES! I love the states. There’s more than one reason really. First because so many of my biggest inspirations are from America, for example: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Rilo Kiley, etc. Also because I've lived In London my whole life, and I really wanted to go someplace different and experience life in a different way. California was unreal, I've never felt so free in my life...
What is the biggest crowd you’ve ever played in front of? What about venue?
I'm not sure, maybe Birmingham's O2 arena. I won a competition that allowed me to play at both Eric Clapton’s and John Mayerss gig in the forum. Each shows had over 1000 people.

Do you have any other talents? Ex: Dancing, piano, writing, etc.
I dont know... I love to play the drums. Every now and then I write a short story or beginnings of a novel, but they never last... I dont have the attention span for it.
Would you ever consider playing with a band?
I actually have a band for my music now. It's mostly string players, double bass, cello, violin and a percussionist/vocalist. But yes, I've always wanted to be a guitarist in a kick ass band and rock out. A girl can dream (haha).
Describe your tour through America, and where did you go?
Loaded question... I stayed in NY and did some open mic nights while exploring. Then I went to Memphis and saw Beal Street, Stax Museum and Sun Studios. Next was Nashville, which was quite the experience. From there I coasted down from the north of California to the south. It was amazing. Out of everywhere, California was the best. You got these massive Red Wood trees, amazing beaches and diners with the best chocolate milkshakes. Doing open mic nights in America was something else, I loved it.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an artist?
I hope that I’m touring and traveling, touching people with my music, meeting other musicians and making some money. On the music side, I just want to have created some music that I and anybody could love.
What should we know about you and how can we contact you?
I’ve recorded a five track EP, which hasnt been released yet, and I’m currently writing, recording and gigging, If anyone wants to find out about gigs they're up on my Annie Eve page on facebook.!/annieevemusic?ref=ts

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  1. Great article. How'd you find out about this cool artist?

  2. Some brown kid haha. SPread the word!


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