Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reporting Plan for Journalism Project

Yes here we go again, back to my journalism project. I promise there are new stories coming, and I'll most likely put one up tonight.

Again, my project idea for my journalism class is to do a big investigative report about what bands are doing now that the Cup is gone. I want to find out which bands will still be there when the smoke clears... who wants it bad enough. It would be very easy to lay and die, or not venture out, But I believe you have to give everything a valid shot while you can.

My actual plan, is to interview and ask bands of different scenes, genres, and ages- what they do to help further themselves. Do they get shows off the island? Do they heavily promote their work? Do they care? I hope to answer these questions, and get a general sense on the how the Island feels about their music.

Another option I have is to talk to some of the fans and frequenters of the Cup and Staten Island bands. I can also rally the complaints of those who feel there is no places to play on the Island, and how everything is really dingy.

I plan on having actual sit down interviews, video commentary, pictures, and music. If it is very I can also show part of the Documentary that was made about the last show at the Cup. My main hope for this project is to invoke change and promote awareness. 

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