Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Crowd Sourcing and Data Basing Can Help Your Projects

Crowd Sourcing is when a journalist or whoever gets the opinion of a large group by having them do the work. It's almost like a focus group. The example used in class today was related to music. For example, say Linkin Park was playing the Garden. A reporter who wants to crowd source would ask everyone who went to that show to send him pictures, or videos, or comments, etc. The reporter will then take all of these differing items and archive them in a database thus completely a story with many different views or angles.

Data basing is important because it allows you to store all of this information proficiently and efficiently. Take every source of manager, band, labels, studios, whatever, and put them in a spread sheet. have all the numbers, emails, names all set out. Keep yourself organized and it will take you a mile.

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